growing 3 plants my second time growing

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  1. i put 3 seeds to germinate using the paper towel method and surprisingly one seed already popped and the taproot is showing it is the smallest seed but im pretty surprised considering its only been a few hours is this normal? anyway im planning on growing 3 plants this time around compared to the single plant i grew before is this a good idea or would it be too much to handle? i feel like it would be pretty simple just give it light water every few days and your good only thing im really concerned about is the smell enough rambling the real question i have is whats the best kind of soil for cannabis i can get at a home depot or walmart? and whats the cheapest Led light i can get that will be enough for 3 plants
  2. I've heard good things about super-soil. I think Miracle Grow owns them now. They used to be their own brand. I would stay away from "Dr. Earth" brand. I tried it one year, and it burned young plants.

    A really good soil for little ones/clones is Black Gold. It's a very gentle ,minimal Nitrogen fertilized soil. I like to use that with some perlite for drainage. But make sure to transplant into a more nutrient robust soil when they are bigger. Fox Farm is good. Ocean Forest/Happy Frog, you can't really go wrong. Roots organics is also good.
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