growing 2 plants, one indoor, one outdoor

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  1. im going to grow two plants, one outdoors, and one indoors, the indoor plant will remain near the window in our guest house, we hardly have the AC on in there so it will be very hot, which is good for it? and when we do have it on its only on one side of the house so i might grow in there, im trying to get a nice purple color, but im not sure how to do that? other than cold temps? but my outdoor plant will be near so i can keep an eye on it, im going to germinate tomorrow/today, as far as im concerned, germinating it just putting the seeds in a damp towelette untill they crack and sprout, therefor knowing i'll get a plant from all the seeds i plant? i dont think im going to germinate all of them, is it a good idea to plant some seeds immediatly, no germination, and then germinate and plant those with the same one's i just threw in? or should they be seperated, and im also thinking of growing in a ice chest, type thing, i need opinions on my best bet for a good grow, btw this is my first time growing, but my friend started growing and said it was fairly easy. please and thanks, pantera.
  2. too late in the season to go with sunlight grows now.

  3. Temp should not bypass 85 degrees Fahrenheit, I like to keep mine sitting at around 75-78 degrees. You can plant seeds without germing, but it is always a good idea to sprout them before they go in dirt, this way you know that you don't have a bad seed. I would only plant 1 seed per container because this will save you the trouble of having to transplant later, and they won't fight for space. Basically just search the forums, there are detailed answers to all of your questions here.

  4. i thought it might be too late for outdoor, i have an unused snake cage/tank that i can use, it has a thermometer, and spot for heat lamp, so i can controll the temp with that, and as for turning it purple? can anyone tell me how to turn it purple? i heard it has to be at low temps but cause anyone specify what those temperatures are?? i'd greatly appreciate it.
  5. what type of seeds are you using? and where did you get them?
  6. dro, a friend.
  7. No... it's too late outdoor due to not enough sunlight... not because it's cold. The plant will flower right away unless you put a light on it at night.

    Purple? That's genetics. If your seeds are bred to produce purple plants they'll be purple. If they're not... no temp changes are going to turn them that color. I would suggest putting food color into the water? Hehehe
  8. haha would that seriously work?
  9. It might change the color of the leaves somewhat... (what do you have to mix with green to get purple?)

    Most likely you wouldn't even notice a difference in color and you certainly won't get that deep purple that only nature can produce on an MJ plant :)

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