Growing 10 plants again..

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SativaBleu, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. took half a yr off and now back at it again
    This time I am using 7 gallon bags instead of 10 gallons.
    Black DOG
    Purple punch
    Sherbet Dab
    Thin mint
    Critical Hog
    Black Ghost OG
    Blueberry OG
    And a few mystery strains

    So far five of them are about 2 weeks into vegging. I have a some new start ups as well
    Growing in black gold soil
    Strictly water at the moment

    D35DCA95-407E-4480-BA81-A71AE27F1A35.jpeg 63C19B88-0A72-4F87-BB41-95A5522D8CF8.jpeg 1AD2DBD4-A011-443D-ADEC-5271DC537669.jpeg C4BEAD48-A86B-4FEF-B23A-054A1D7D9B0C.jpeg A15F59B3-C27E-4A42-953C-7A649219A776.jpeg 7D040DE1-C2E2-4C9F-9B00-DB56AACF7825.jpeg 33D750B3-D6FC-419D-9C4E-4577C5F345F7.jpeg E6017E02-6C5E-4E9D-B6D5-6FA3F9C4AC75.jpeg
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  2. looking good my man if my memory serves me well was it you that did the gelato beast :)
  3. Yes sir

    Still have some

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  4. They are growing nicely
    Just topped them girls last thursday and they are recovering good

    C772B4CE-5D6D-4321-98C9-00996561B276.jpeg 5A26F5E1-2509-4F4E-AFE2-31DE60926C57.jpeg 10CDE49B-5DAF-4349-921B-D564E9B528A7.jpeg 95B1EDC0-C21D-454A-B41D-24BBF7908E9C.jpeg 1BBFE3C3-BEF0-4594-AEA5-A383166F8CEB.jpeg F98EC8DA-B61E-4AA6-B1CA-141ABDAB49B4.jpeg 47E29D65-2D05-4A3F-8E00-AF479C158201.jpeg
  5. Topped them last thurdsay
    They are growing nicely
    Sherbet Dab girl (2nd pic from bottom) is growing Gelato like huge leaves

    9E144DF9-50D2-46F5-A568-D37D07B376D3.jpeg EBF66F65-D969-4DC1-9C17-CF6A38B193A3.jpeg 88D0361D-A88F-469E-92E4-B7F41F04DE81.jpeg E8009B76-4AC9-4040-AF32-9817E35CDA47.jpeg F2A8B8B5-9FF6-44A6-8C0A-62013105745F.jpeg AF89C5E9-23D9-439D-A0A9-96D30A271B15.jpeg 2DF39817-823E-4A94-8109-A310B0725E0F.jpeg 467C2AD2-E15B-410B-8081-C4DE60B0EC81.jpeg
  6. I have my light timer to turn off 8am. They ll be going into flowering this morning.
    The six in the middle are about a month old and the outside six on the far left and far right are about two months.

    382141DA-8EF1-49E8-8950-2789E848BF6E.jpeg 994290FC-F130-499B-8C2E-A033BFC9D6AA.jpeg D17C5758-D76C-48A2-A3AF-A40D93C6041D.jpeg
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  7. some of them have slight issues. top left one seems too droopy to me. also bottom left corner plant has some leaves that worry me. you can see the edges of the top leaves turning lime green.
    i ll keep an eye on them though
  8. I see that now as I zoom in. LOOKS like potassium deficiency as far the outer edges yellowing/lime green. Hard to see though.
  9. Starting to look like a jungle in my tent and its not even week one of flower yet
    May need to chop some branches off lol

    37D45797-19F4-4642-BCA2-FE7D621F8296.jpeg C28393DB-EEBF-44CE-89F2-A14ED31822D2.jpeg D140D649-27F6-4B9E-AE84-8D4F28A24410.jpeg F23BB5D8-EFF6-480A-82C4-3E3FC66E1AAA.jpeg
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  10. Two weeks after flip
    Skinny tall ones are Durban Poison and Thin Mint

    451E5093-C19C-4F8A-80CC-7E1F1A6F4BAC.jpeg E3613B12-2F25-4519-93C4-9D04B14A5F28.jpeg 0BC8D60B-80C0-4F8E-8089-E039DB079584.jpeg 3C70B183-93D2-4C53-AF03-02EAB1ADB63E.jpeg 99297D99-73F3-4237-AA6E-239E089A23FF.jpeg C7CA86C7-C8EA-459B-836C-C387EAFEF338.jpeg EC926F50-D5F8-495F-965B-7BF3E63EF0AB.jpeg 1C24AB22-ABEC-4D5D-9D19-EA3C2613D3E1.jpeg 5C0804E0-13CE-4D3E-808F-5CF0AC81465D.jpeg 8C8A6B48-EAA5-41B5-87AC-9E07EB009299.jpeg DF9B5373-BFE9-4B79-A34C-C759A16DDC28.jpeg FF8B5307-56EC-4796-B2DF-9F8007723751.jpeg A5375A31-B900-49EB-B33E-021250DAF3D3.jpeg
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  11. Bud sites are clearly visible now.
    I had to do a mcgyver LST job on two tall durban posion plants
    I might do the same to couple other tall ones too

    9F740872-3041-452E-9FE0-8E1CFF2BA802.jpeg 6E94C83F-DA87-472B-99F3-0D86C7DCE0DB.jpeg 84588139-9F32-4EA1-8FBB-ED205C5AF7AB.jpeg B603BE3C-9859-427E-8519-EC0B084BEA4A.jpeg 403587AB-8C2B-4C4C-98BF-F14B73E0D2D6.jpeg 3729EBD5-9130-4AF2-B1A6-6683DF8A6898.jpeg 15927BAE-3A3D-44BA-8BD0-D39347AF311C.jpeg 8F5A7B54-E2E5-4E44-9CD9-34B25DCA9F58.jpeg
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  12. I think they are about 4-5 weeks

    A4C9FA3D-B4DB-42DF-8192-312B0BAC81E4.jpeg 6B6D9C12-1E9D-41BA-9CB9-C460B919809A.jpeg 7C8CF296-C64A-43F7-AEB2-B063AC97B73C.jpeg 61DC5A60-5337-42A5-A80A-E49C8594A348.jpeg B68BB7F9-BCFB-4E66-B452-A39CD7CDA0A3.jpeg EB770B85-0947-4BC2-82A9-D295BB7F6F72.jpeg EE7D7A49-5568-4BA2-A381-33C28D793DF9.jpeg C0EED542-CEC8-4C74-A50F-6DCFE7AB0DCD.jpeg EA40C85C-B548-45FB-882B-7C37F8F86E11.jpeg 594A2D84-1097-4737-9FCD-E55F72F7D0F6.jpeg AA68EE50-FAD1-405A-AC4C-CA0A9BD3C451.jpeg B0D4E0A9-CDF7-4CD2-B11D-285106DBAB88.jpeg 8B074B39-555E-410C-BDA7-945FD3612A82.jpeg
  13. Purple punch is one of my favorite strains. Is exotic the broader on them? I plan on getting some beans just trying to figure out a couple more strains to make ordering worth it.
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  14. Get this one
    Sherbet Dab Strain Grow Pics

    Also black ghost OG yields heavy and has insane mental high
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  15. Man these babies look so lovely lol I wish I knew where y’all got these strains from I’m stuck using nirvana & seedsman but I got 3 northern lights 1 Cheese & a Bruce Banger going right now all from seedsman just planted the BB like a hr ago using Fox farms ocean forest & strictly spring water.
  16. I’m loving your plants bro I’m about to follow you & hope to see more amazing grows keep it bro
  17. @SativaBleu , what medium are you in? Fall colours dropping early.

    Buds look nice.
  18. Black gold
    Bought from amazon
    Tried fox farm but i like black gold better

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