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  1. Me and a friend are gonna grow some WW togeter in an attic. 400 watt MH then a conversion bulb to HPS during flowering. One question though. The attic we are gonna use is really big and my friend doesn't seem worried about having an exhaust. He thinks that we will be able to just hang the light with no exhaust fan but a fan to circulate air. I'm leaning towards there has to be exhaust not only to cool the bulb but also to keep the room from getting way too hot.Is an exhaust a MUST or maybe not needed? Also does there have to be a fan to cool the bulb? Remember this attic is about 25' by 35'
    thx for any help-
  2. you must live in the southern hemisphere where it isn't the middle of summer right now, lol. my attic literally gets up to around 120 degrees farenheit during the day, and that's without hot grow lights... i couldn't grow in my attic without some kind of window mount air conditioner type thing on my grow box, let alone ventilation! you'd be better off to try a crawl space if you have one... much better natural climate regulation
  3. well We actually have to do it in the attic... it's the only safe place. I think it might actually work out well though. We plan to open the attic and pull cool air into it all the time via fan from the house. It's really cold in the house so it should get cool in the attic too. So is the exhaust essential?
  4. It is essential that your plants get fresh cool air and that the smell isn't noticeable by anyone unfriendly to your endeavor. If ventilation helps that great, you may well accomplish your goals just piping some cool house air to your plants though. Only you can decide :)
  5. Well said.
  6. grrr.... I def don't want to do exhaust. I just need to know if it is completley needed for the plants to grow and not cause anything else bad. besides I read that venting hot air out is a good way for thermals to catch up on you. and would the smell travel that much outisde the house when White Widow is growing? Is there any strain that doesn't have a strong smell when growing? thx-
  7. Ventilation is not necessary to grow a plant given the right circumstances, though it can help a lot. I grow inside a small closet, about 3' X 3' and I don't ventilate and I don't have any real problems. However, I am able to open the closet door several times a day to allow at least some air exchange. The real reasons you vent include 1) Exchanging as much Co2 for O2 as possible, 2) To help control the temperature and humidity (only if necessary), 3) To help rid the smell. So, is ventilation a must? No. You can easily move air from your own home into the attic with adequate results. However, you may not be getting the biggest buds with the highest potency.

    As far as venting your attic to the outdoors causing a strong smell, don't worry. The world is a big place with A LOT of air. I live in an apartment and you can smell the plants both when inside the closet, and when inside the bedroom that contains the closet, but nowhere else. So, venting outside (unless you ran your vent from the attic to the ground level, which I can't see why you would do that... I would recommend (if possible) to use your chimney to vent into the outdoors) isn't going to give you away. As long as no one stands on your roof, even the stinkiest of weed isn't going to be easy to smell outside. Perhaps on a really windy day someone might catch a whiff, but to be honest, there are always those random times outdoors when you can/think you can smell weed. It's just a part of life.

    Thermal detection would not be increased in any way. As a matter of fact, if anything it would be decreased. A thermal scan on your house that showed one area with a high concentration of heat could possibly give off a sign. However, heat moving throughout pipes in your home to the outdoors would look more like the signs of a chimney, exhaust for your dryer, or your heating ducts.

    Not to mention that hot air rises, while cool air falls due their difference in density. Therefore, naturally, your attic is always going to show up warmer than the rest of your house in a thermal scan. Not to mention the fact that nobody really bothers to waste money trying to cool down their attic unless it's a finished attic, which is somewhat rare.

    Finally, the only real reason for the police/FBI/whatever to spend the money and time on a thermal scan of your house would be if they had evidence that you were growing, but the evidence wasn't enough to grant a warrant for the search of your property.

    What a lot of people need to realize is that billions of dollars a year get spent on busting people who grow and distribute marijuana and other illegal substances. That kind of money is being spent to bust the big guys. The law has very little reason to spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours trying to bust the guy growing a couple plants in his basement and selling a couple grams to his buddies. They are looking for the big time growers, and unless they think that busting you would lead to a lead that could potentially help them bust they guys with 150+ plants and that massively distribute the product, they probably won't bother you unless you stick it under their noses.

    Hope that helps.
  8. thx omni... very helpful
  9. O.k. just to let everyone know I am going to grow white Widow for sure now because it supposedly doesn't smell too much when growing and I am going to use 8 4 foot fluorescent lights.( 4 on top, two on each side) And then four of the compact fluorecsent bulbs on the bottom so that the plants will get ALOT of light. peaces!

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