growin meds in sac valley

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  1. I got all I need to grow the dankest buds now all I need is the thumb. Ive been growing shitty club meds for the past year and im sick of it. The quality is not there. The buds look beautiful (if you can get them to grow that far) but thier not the potent meds that im after so now im only growing seed. I have some DP orange bud about a month old and only on thier 4th node, some purple #1 and spoetnik #1 seedlings I just planted earlier in the week. Wish me luck. Its been nothing but shit for the past 3 grows and technically im on my 4th grow. So as you can tell Im new to this. Ive only been smokin now for about1 and a half years after a 7 year hiatus before which I only smoked for 2 years. But my aim is to get the most out of what Im working with and max out my recommendation of 30 plants and 3 lbs of dried/processed cannabis. I just finished the last of my summer harvest and have no more weed till oct-nov.:( This is the last time that will happen. Today as a matter of fact im modifying my veg closet to have a lower level for seedlings and clones under t5's while the top level will have mothers and vegging plants. And of course the blooming room...
    you'll have to check out my journal I guess. Next grow: whiteberry sog.:smoking:
  2. Grow on dude and good luck.:)

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