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  1. I put some seeds in some excellent fertile and compost filed soil in my back woods. The temps dont go below 60 now so i figured why not put 4 or 5 seeds in the soil out there and see how it goes. I also am starting an indoor setup just did tha outside as an experiment. What do you guys think?? Any chance of it growing out there?
  2. As long as its not to cold, and u dont get a down pour when the seeds are just sprouts.

    Oh and start a grow journal of your indoor grow, so we can watch.
  3. i will definetly do that. What do you think the odds are of my yeilding anything from the outdoor plants.

    Also i will be getting the flouros this weekeend and setting up a grow box with about 4 germinated seeds from some very high quality bagseed. All I need is good soil with no nutes, light and water correct?
  4. the outdoors seeds, who knows it could wrk.

    just read up there are tons of threads and searchs on google are good too.
  5. do deer enjoy weed plants cause i have a shitload of deer here and rabbits and woodchucks and shit. I need to know if i have to do something to protect my plants. I have heard of deer repellents but i dont know about other animals.
  6. Boy do they ever love eating weed. Get a whole bunch of hair from the barbers and throw it a a bunch of directions and piss there alot. This will signal to animals a human is nearby.

  7. R u serious?? Cause my parents already have deer repellent spray shit that they use on the tulips and the area around them. Plus i wil lbe going to look at my plants daily. I have to urinate? Get Barber hair?? I am going to get a haircut tommorow let me know if you are kidding or serious.
  8. well the spray should work just as good, but hes not kidding i read on this site that urine is real strong to animals nose so it scares them away from your grow area
  9. ok then i will piss over there every coouple of days and maybe take a shit haha j/k
  10. what r the odds of anything growing there??
  11. wow maby we should use our own shit as fertalizer.... lmfao j/k

    im doing an outside grow right now buy im moving so i dn what im doing with that... :(

    u can bury a 5 gallon pot in the ground and transplat it to that with somr good ferts it would be good.
  12. deer have excellent smell.

    soap bars, hair, and piss should keep deer away.
  13. sounds like a gamble just leaving it there why cant u just start them in cups till they sprout?
  14. the hair works u can also buy some coyote piss or somthing at a hunting store and put around the plants they wont come near that shit then i got mine on a hunting club growing will post pics soon first time growing big one has like 16 leaves on it ;d

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