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    I found a secret room behind my bedroom thats an attic type area.
    in the middle it goes 5 ft and slants down on both sides to the edge of my roof like a triangle. im now in the process of putting boards down ion the floor

    ive cut a hole in my closet to get to it but now i don't know how to patch it up
    and make it secretive. its about 20ft by 7ft inside and at parts it gets maybe 5ft high
    so basicaly these are the things i need to know

    -how to hide the cut in the wall, its cut like a door thats opens in the middle with two flaps.
    -is it safe to be around pink insulation
    -after cutting through the Sheetrock i had to remove a 2ft by 3ft section of insulation
    and i need to know if thats a bad thing to do. and if it will heat up my room alot. live in tx
    -what kind of setup would i need to ventilate or air condition the area
    -how much would all this cost? i plan on growing like 3 plants maybe

    and i'll post pictures if anyone replies and helps
  2. honestly you'll only be able to grow in the winter... i happen to live in the same state and know that it gets WAYYYY too hot in the attic to grow during the summer.

    your best bet would be to try and buy a pre-made door with a frame (home depot sells them and they start at fifty bucks)

    then id floor in the whole space.

    after thats done, build a room in there... lol and youll have to use your creativity on this one.

    after thats done you should be ready to start designing your "room"

    good luck
  3. be ready for wild temp swings tho...

    you sure theres not another place in your crib you can grow?

  4. not with my mom around haha.
  5. im growing in a attic aswell go check the link in my sig

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