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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ganja man, Nov 9, 2001.

  1. Yeah i am a first time grower in the now bud capital of the world WEST VANCOUVER BC CANADA. My dad says he's cool with me growing up to 5 plants. (VERY VERY COOL DAD) I plan to grow indoors in my closet. Any ideas???? Also what is ment by growing outdoors? Is it literally outdorrs and uncovered or is it in a greenhouse ?? Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated (sp?) THANKS ALL.

    Ganja man <=====>~~~
  2. Seriously..?

    indoor=in a building,,you are mother nature

    outdoor=outside,no building or greenhouse mother nature watches them you step in to help where needed.

    greenhouse=growing inside a greenhouse type structure,increasing available humidity,somewhat controlling mother nature.

    I actually kept out the sarcasm this post am so
  3. i'm also a first time grower and didn't wanna start a new thread so i'll piggyback offa urs....anyways i already have a few sources for seeds and quite a bit of $$ to get started. baisically i have my dad who is cool with me growin but my mom who isn't at all. i just was wondering a good outside weed and a good low odor inside weed. where should i start inside/outside? also i have a space picked and its 24'' by 21'' and 30'' is this big enough for like 3-4 plants? thx for the help
  4. kid 24by21by30 is short for the plants in the frist placetry 24by21 by50 for one but thats goin to be tight and i mean tight!tazz11

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