growin in da fridge ?

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  1. ok ive heard of growing in a large fridge with all the insides taken out can anyone tell me if theyve tried this or know of anyone trying this and if it was succesfull. also can u use the top freezer section for cloning.
    it just so happens i have an old unused fridge and if it works it would be a fairly unconspicuous little grow room.
    ps: would a small hps get to hot for this erea or would u have to use fluros ?
  2. you can use it, although you will obviously have to make a few adjustments, line the inside with foil etc, and a fan, i can mail you a growing guide if you want? let me know ok.
    good luck
  3. thats cool but i have a few questions for you eddie,

    is that a recent photo ? if not how did they turn out ?

    did you take all of those plants to full maturity in there?

    is that a hps light and how many watts ?

    do you keep the door open or shut ?

    thank for the pic any more info would be great

    ps: have a great cristmas !
  4. that is deffinately not a HPS he might have one in there but what is on in the picture is not. if it were you would have a yellow glowing box and the picture wouldnt look white with really green plants it would have a yellow hue to it.

    The light is either a MH or floros. as for the grow I would say that they are definately looking good. they will get double the size. and need more light then that but for vegging its working great.

    hope this helps
  5. Thats just where the plants veg.
    It is a 400 watt MH(good call bong). I will post the Pic's of my flower chamber With 1000 watt HPS With 100 watt floro fillin's and THOSE Plants later, Those are plants that are included in my current grow.They are now in 2nd week flowering.
    BUT....There is no way more light is needed for vegging.
    I guess i could add some floros or CF But the 400watts is working just fine for me. the age of the plants in photo 1
    Are only 2 1/2 weeks(LARGER ONE'S), and the pic was from around a month or so ago.
    Peace All

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  6. And here

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  8. Another of the same plants that were in the fridge ,
    In pic 1

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  9. Last one for now.
    Remember the pics are out of order but they are all the same plants in various stages of growth.
    By the way i have this knack for getting female,
    Last 5 grows have been 88% females. All since i moved the grow to the cooler basement.

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  10. Something i said??
  11. sorry for the delayed reply, you know busy with christmas and familly stuff

    but hey they look great! 1000w hps is definately plenty of light!

    do you flower in a fridge too ? and do you have the doors shut ?have u ever tried hydro with the fridge method?

    i know of a fast eddie, you dont live in australia by any chance ?(if u dont mind me asking)
  12. Well at this point the fridge is being used as veg only chamber. It would work for flowering though.
    I Grow sea of green with aroung 12-20 plants at any one time.
    Usally 12-15 in flowering at once with 6-12 vegging to take the place of the ones ready for harvest.I just keep this going all the time and always have what i need.
    Anyway thats why i need more flowering space so i have 2 5-5-6 foot flower spaces as well as the fridge vegger.
    All seeds are germinated in the fridge the seedlings are raised in the fridge as well.
    By the way i have no idea what strain any of these plants are.
    I Have a large tin with around 15-20 years of bagseeds.
    Thousands of kinds of weed some grrreat some not so grrrreat.It makes the grows very interesting though.

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