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  1. So I got seeds that are all about 6 inches tall in red party cups, I have 8 and am going to give 4 away in a week, is their any way to make an educated guess on witch ones are females??? maybe keep the shorter ones??
  2. You have 6" seeds? They gotta be the biggest seeds I ever heard of. Damn. :eek::D

    Seriously though, no, there is no way to tell from seedling what the sex is. Good Luck.
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    i'm guessing he means clones. don't give any away until you know what sex they are, and obviously don't give away the males (unless requested).
    i'll do a little copypasta if you don't mind!


    Female Pistils - notice the sac and the feathery frond-like structure. Usually after five days to two weeks you will begin to see a pair of tubular nodes. Hopefully they will have white hairs protruding from them as this denotes a female plant. These little hairs are known as pistils and they are the first sign your plant is flowering.

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