Growin by a creek

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by scking, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. Im gonna plant some seeds by the creek in my backyard like on one of the banks. Is this possible or what.

    Nooby Grower only my second attempt at growing 1st at growing outside
  2. Its Very possable. Just Make sure there is no way some one will see them.. BE SAFE... Is there always water in this creek?? If so that will work great for you, as it will water your plant for you for the most part.. Also try and remember if the water floods the banks at all you dont wanna do a lot of work just to have it flooded away.. just my 2cents...good luck and stay safe.....choke with ya later..
  3. yea this a very small creek in the woods and half the time you cant even see it cause of all the brush around. It will be fairly difficult to find a sunny spot but im glad it will work.
  4. heh, do u live in illinois? lol im growing by a creek to. it wont work because when it rains the water level raises incredibly... it will rip it apart and it will overwater it sooo just plant bout 25-30 ft away.:)

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