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    Good Day to all.I'm a new member on here and a newbie to growing.Been gathering on info from this website and I must say this is a very good educational forum for growing bud.But like every newbie I have a couple questions and I hope you guys could help me out.

    OK.So here is my plan and setup.I will appreciate as much comments and opinions as possible.Since Im limitted to growing space I will be growing in (2) 4x4x6 closet.One for vege and the other for flowering.Im planning to flower 2 plants at the same time.

    Now my main question is what brand of lights you guys recomended.Im on a very tight budget so I will like you guys to recomened me a 400 watt hps that is not so expensive.I was looking at a Growflux HPS-MH and a LEDwholesaler HPS-MH light that are in my price range but I will like to know if any of you guys have any experience with these lights.Any input is much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    Edit:Here are some links of the lights.I will appreciate if you guys could check them out and let me know what you think.
  2. I know you are on a budget, but getting a cheaper light will mean putting more effort into the grow to get better nug and you're hurting yourself in the long run. Go with the real deal and get a lumatek ballast:
    Lumatek 400W Ballast Dimmable / Super lumens - eBay (item 320593852530 end time Oct-21-10 18:08:46 PDT)

    If that's just not going to work.. then try to find a generic digital ballast. Look up the difference between digital and magnetic ballast. I'll give you quick preview - digital use less electronic to put out more light and digital don't put out radio waves that can be tracked by police / theifs.
  3. Good looking out with the preview.Definitly dont want to get detected.I read all about how it's more efficient in a couple of ways but never read about police can track it.The whole Lumatek kit is more than what I can afford right now but I'll wait to next week to buy it.
  4. Here are a acouple new questions more about lighting.I have read about people building there own ballast and running multiple hps lights with one ballast.Is it possible to run at least 2 lights with one of these digital ballast by rewiring and adding another socket?

  5. I've read the more light the better.I think the challenge will probably be keeping the temps down.I realy dont know if what I stated is completely accurate but hope somebody could comment on your questions since I was thinking the same thing

  6. That's 5 sq ft... recommended light is 100 watts per sq foot so 500 watts for the grow box. That light would be good with some cfls on the side.
  7. I would never personally mess with the insides of a ballast and would only recommend it if you were really confident in what you were doing. Ballast aren't that expensive and way less then catching your place on fire.
  8. Yes, you're right, more light is always better and the thing always stopping from more light is too much heat.
  9. Hey, Yaboy123

    I'd agree with others on the digital over old style coils. Digital is definitely running cooler, which is important and gives more light.

    As for two lights running on one ballast - this is possible but not at the same.
    It is done by splitting flowering rooms into two light proof sections and running daytime in one for 12 hours when the light is off for 12 hrs in the other and then switching. This way one ballast runs 24 hours a day, while two bulb run 12 hour shifts each. This does not involve altering anything inside the ballast.
    All you need is to plug one light out of it and the other one itno it at the 12 hour mark. There are gadgets that will do that for you on a timer. If I find a link I will post it.

  10. Cooling a grow room is something i have been researching actively in the past few days and found some very "cool" solutions.

    Right now i am tinkering with an old air conditioner to make it into a diy mini spit unit for cooling a sealed CO2 injected grow tent.

    The idea is to extend the cooling part of a cheap used window air conditioner
    outside of the unit so it can be placed inside of the tent through a tiny incision
    in its wall, while keeping the hot part of the ac on the outside. This is a much cheaper alternative to overly complicated an very expensive water cooling with ice chillers.

    Here is a couple links to diy chillers and the whole deal of cooling grow rooms spaces

    DIY window AC Chiller new Version - 420 Magazine

    Vertical Hydroponic System Montreal Hydroponic Store Grow Shop, Montreal Hydroponic Supply: Search results for chiller

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