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  1. Are there any growers looking for distribution in Nevada?
  2. Man get the fuck out of here.
    Grow your own shit!
  3. I see there are assholes in here already. Just don't respond if you have nothing sensible to say. If you want respect, give it!
  4. You don't just give respect, you earn it. And you sir....... (Continue/Finish the sentence.)
  5. Will continue doing me and minding my own business, until I can meet someone worth speaking with.
    Read the rules Mr Wizzard.
  7. Why cant you grow? Ill help you build a shopping list.
  8. I can grow, there's just a 1oz max in Nevada.
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    I wish you helped me build a shopping list, I remember back in December I begged people for it. fuckers.
    You give respect. Punk.
  11. It's obvious you're a youngster with nothing better to do but try and offend and insult others. If you think I'm a punk, come say it to my face, kid!
    With my medical and its a co-op grow we can have 4.5 pounds. When you have sick people It will not last. I sure as hell cant do it till summer and get this shit out of the house.  my wimpy 2k of lights is nothing.
    you need a local underground grower or become one. rent a fucking house and pull power cables add water filters, get a shitload of lights fans pots, bags of soil or hydro and get it on.
  13. Thank you!
  14. Its a 2oz & 12 plant limit in Nevada. I dont know if your trustable if you don't have your info correct. Your definately not a dispensary and and maybe some kid out of high school looking for a street job. Fucking around with you would get a law abiding citizen arrested.

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  15. I liked your comment. This "kid" is married and has kids, probably something a punk like you can't appreciate. I'll say it to your face, Punk. You can come here or we could just open skype.
  16. Correction; there's a 1oz limit and 7 plant max limit in Nevada and I happen to be 49 years old and am not a cop and will never be.
  17. No, It was updated June 2013 to 12 plants and 2 ounces. Don't get caught with 2oz in your pocket & keep all your surplus out of sight.
    Your best bet is craigslist or bud trader if you don't happen to stumble upon a connection that trust you.
  18. go fuck yourself with a rusty chainsaw cop.
    Nevada laws do not allow for import, nor have you asked if the growers are one of the 40, Nevada will issue licenses for!!!!!!
    the most obvious fact is you signed an agreement you'd stick by the rules here @ GC ( minutes before posting this thread). Unfortunately it seems you're too much a young "guy" to read what you agree to.

    now since it has been proven you cannot stick to a deal. For even the few minutes it takes to make such a deal, I might add. Why the hell do you think any of us would work with an individual such as yourself?
  19. [​IMG]yep...itsa coming...

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