Growers! What do you do with your Veg. trim? Save and use? or is it Trash?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by WhiteBeltGrower, Jul 12, 2018.


What to do with Veg Trim?

  1. Use it.

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  2. Trash it.

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  1. Hey All,
    I just finished up trimming one of my plants (BBQ) and I was wondering what should I do with the sun leaves I just cut off? See image below. I know that they wont have a high THC percentage. I read something like less than 3% THC in VEG trim. I only ask because I recently got into growing to save some cash and I am really trying to use as much as the plant as possible.

    I don't mind putting in a little hard work cooking/extracting if it would be worth my time?

    Do you guys think that trimming if even necessary for outside plants? My plants are pretty much under constant sunlight from suns up to suns down.

    White Belt Grower
    Bowl of Trim.​
    BBQ after Her haircut.​
    Should I do the same thing to Lemon OG? (image below)
    Again this is my first time Growing, I only trimmed one of my plants so far because of all the contradicting stuff I have been reading on the web.
  2. Trimming outside plants isn't needed. The sun penetrates far enough as opposed to an indoor plant Also you cant really do anything with the fan leaves that would actually be worth the time . Just trash them . Now when you harvest you can use the sugar leaf trim to make extracts.
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  3. I have compost buckets I dump them into

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  4. Juice them, good nutrition.

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  5. Eh, make butter.
    At least then you can make an edible dish, and while they may not be the strongest... they’ll be stronger than a Wholefoods brownie

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  6. ‘Bout the only useful thing you could do with those.

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  7. If there are no trichomes - they are worthless.
  8. A guy on this forum told me how to make cookies with mine. Cut the stems of, chop the leaves up really good. Put them in the oven on 220 for about 5-7 minutes. Then mix them in the cookie dough. I made some but haven’t tried them yet.
  9. Definitely report back

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  10. Have u tried them yet?
  11. Every part of the plant is useable. Look on youtube for juicing marijuana. Every part of the plant has medicinal properties as well.

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