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    Hey fellow gc'ers I have been following other peoples journals and decide that I'm going to give my hand at it. I'm starting my 3rd grow with all new strains. I recently grew bag seed and finally put the money into buying some good seeds from the tude, here's the line up: The purps (bc bud depot) 2 fem seeds, Chemdawg (humboldts seed org) 2 fem seeds, Og Skunk #1 (2) fem seeds (seedsmans seeds), Og kush (bagseed) 2 seeds, OG Kush #18 (Reserva Privada) 2 fem seeds, Bay 11 (kens GDP) 2reg seeds, Og Sour Diesel (cali connection) 1 fem seed, Sweet Tai (Sweet seeds), LA Chocolat (DNA seeds) They are all fem seeds execpt for Kens GDP Bay 11 2 reg seeds & og kush bagseeds. I dropped them in rock wool on June 1 and have had them under a 400w MH light for about 2days now had a 100% germ rate. I'm growing in canna coco planing on using #5 smart pots once they go into the flower room. My setup is 3 lights total, 2 rooms total. I have a veg closet with a 400w MH and a flower room with a 1k & 600w HPS lights. Please feel free to give some advice and hang out and follow along. Hope u enjoy the grow
  2. Here's the seedlings and the veg room set-up. Sometime ill get pics of the flower room up.

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  3. And finally here is the flower room ill update the seeds here n a lil bit. I'm pretty bummed though out 8 of them only frickin 3 made it ugh. Had to drop some more seeds. Do to my novice experince and not paying as much attetion to them as I should have they all got way to hot to room and fryed & on that day the exhaust fan got unpluged so made it crazy hot which baked the living crud out them. Ill let u all kno what the new strains are.

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  4. I drop a total of 12 seeds again got 2 bay11,2 OGkush, 2 ak-47, sourjack, chemdawg, icecool, darkstar, white widow plus theother few seeds that i already drop only 3 servied got the purps sweet tai and skunk #1. I think ive got a pretty intresting line-up this go around.
  5. Moring everyone. Another day n paridise
  6. This is one of two origanl skunk #1 from seedsman seeds apricot 2 weeks
    This is "The Purp's" 1 of 2 from BC bud depot about 2 weeks 1372866061339.jpg 1372866190671.jpg
    This is "Sweet Tai" 1 of 1 from sweet seeds 1372866285588.jpg 1372866305393.jpg
  7. Here's my "Bay 11" from Kens GDP 1 of 2 regular seeds
    1372866419527.jpg 1372866444569.jpg 1372866461144.jpg
    Here's my OG kush its from some bud that I got that was super bomb so I decide to save and drop a couple seeds 2 seeds total 1 & 2
    Pheno #2
    Pheno #1
  8. This is the other "og skunk #1" from seedsman Pheno #2 1372867568292.jpg

    So I ended up having to drop six more seeds since its summer time right now where I live its in the 110+ degree outside so its been really stressfull for the seedlings which I whiz I could of waited lil longer to drop them but I'm hired of growing bagseed strains time to move up to the big dog league lol

    This is the other Pheno of "The purps" from bc bud depot Pheno #2
    LA Chocolat from DNA gentics 1 fem seed 1372867977724.jpg
    OG Kush #18 2 fem seeds from reserva privada
    Pheno #1 & #2 1372868129261.jpg
    "Chemdawg" from HSO Fem I have 2 going but only took pics of the one so ill call it Pheno 1 its the one to the left. On the right we have "original Sour Diesel" from Cali Connection 1372868324766.jpg


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  9. Here's some pics of the flower room. Idk wat the strain is but I'm happy I grew it end up being a really decent bud not a big yielder but the mugs make up for that. 1372870404068.jpg 1372870426530.jpg 1372870450010.jpg
  10. Also made some more bubble hash last night wit some of ny trimmings and I'm really impressed wit the quality and colors it produced.

    This first one is the very last screen 25micron Idk but to me it looks like it has purple hues in it. Let me know what u guys think 1372870831096.jpg
    This is the next bag before the 25 this stuff to me looks more blonde then the others 1372870905433.jpg
    Then here's all 3 still on the pressing screen 1372870960139.jpg

    Since I've gotten these bubble bags my ol lady & me have become quite the hash wh@re'$ :D
  11. Happy 4th fellow GC blades
  12. Had a busy day yesterday after I got off of work. Transplanted the 3 oldest seedlings to I'm pretty sure there 1g smart pots. There new transplant smart pots that they came out wit so its easier to TP to a bigger pot with out the hassle of folding it inside out for the root ball to come off the fabric. But any who here's the update on the TP yesterday and an update of today and how there doing.
  13. Also just got done making some bubble hash :D used maybe 2ozs of trim got maybe an 8th back. That's alright though with me not going to here no complaints from this hash whore
  14. Lol it would help if I uploaded the pic haha stoner moment for sure. Also the hash is still wet that is why all 3 kinda blend wit each other. I used different trimmings this round then the stuff that I got the purple hash from which was amazing kick down power loved it.
  15. Looks like you need some company over here :wave:

    All that Bubble hash looks amazing!!!
  16. Thanks. Im just getting start with the journal. I love making that hash ever since I've gotten the bubble bags become quite the hash whore :D.

    Here's an updated on the flower room :
    This some bagseed I wish I would of remember the name its a killer
    This its sister dried and curing in the jar 1373555903809.jpg
    Another bagseed. It taste like a skunk strain to me 1373556144355.jpg 1373556215150.jpg 1373556295976.jpg
    And this is a kush from reserva privada don't know exactly which kush but I'm positive its from reserva privada. It's one of the bigger plants I have grown. The canopy on it is spread out each and every direction its probably 3'x3' on top and about 3' 6" tall If I didn't super crop it like I did it would be touching my roof which isn't very tall at all 1373556489205.jpg 1373556764689.jpg 1373556790380.jpg 1373556927740.jpg 1373556957393.jpg
  17. Dabs up. Just got done with my first batch of some honey and I'm liking this shit. I am frickin ripped love it :D 1373582034839.jpg
  18. So had another busy after noon yesterday, after I got off of work. Transplanted (tp) 6 plants from solo's to gal pots. Bay 11(2), bag seed og kush (2), chemdawg, skunk #1. This is before TP
    Og kush
    2 Pheno
    Og kush 1 (indica dom) 1373757538568.jpg
    Og kush 2 (sativa dom)
    Bay 11
    Bay 11 #1
    Bay 11 #2
    Chemdawg( looks not so good)
    Skunk 1
    After TP
    Og kush #1 indica dom
    Og kush #2
    I'll fish the rest in. Couple mins
  19. And to finish it off
    Skunk #1 (#2)
    Bay 11 #1 1373764813405.jpg
    Bay 11 #2

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