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  1. is anyone else having a hard time finding a seed vendor that ships to usa and accepts paypal or visa? i purchased some from drgreenstore.com a week ago but the order is still pending w/ no reply from support. i already ordered a 1000w hps mh growing kit for my first harvest but the seeds are the base of the structure.
  2. I've never had that problem. I've ordered from WWS, Attitude, Dr. Chronic, Heaven's Stairway and have always received my seeds without any trouble paying. I haven't tried the one you mentioned, though.
  3. I use Attitude and Sensible Seeds, I'm gonna check out Jellyman's other suppliers now. I tried using Amsterdam Seed Co. but they wouldn't accept my card.
  4. Should've looked around the forums for a better seed bank first, attitude, nirvana, etc.
  5. I used herbs pick n mix. Very discrete shipping and they accept visa
  6. i recommend drchronic.com
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    Those are all of the companies (unless I'm forgetting one) I've ordered from in the past 15yrs. I don't even know if HS is around anymore, let alone their reliablility. Dr. Chronic I last tried 4 years ago. Since then I've heard of some people's problems so didn't go back, but had three orders go through fine. I last used Attitude a little over a year ago and the seeds came through but only one germinated. It may have been the breeder's fault so I can't blame Attitude. I most recently tried WorldWideSeeds maybe 8mo. ago for their singles. Same strain as from Attitude and same problem germinating but a better success rate; 2/5 over Attitude's 1/10. I can chalk the ratios up to luck and since both retailers came through, I don't want to say one's better than the other. I seem to remember the WWS order coming through pretty quickly.
  8. Good to know, I just recently got started and have germinated all but one seed from attitude. total of 11, 5 from sensible all successful, 6 from attitude all successful but one.
  9. HS has been out of business for years... :mad: ( ahh NVM you know)

    surprised you didn't add Marc Emery :smoke:

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