Growers Choice.... The right choice?

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  1. Ok, so Ive recently received my latest order from Growers Choice. While researching flower time and such I noticed something quite curious. Can anyone tell me what's different in the two pics? I'm taking suggestions on a GOOD U.S. bank for the next purchase. Screenshot_2019-07-20-04-04-00.png 20190720_040440_Film3.jpg
  2. Can I get an amen!!?!??
  3. What are we supposed to be looking at?
  4. The blend percentages... Not sure which to believe or how something like this get messed up or missed....
  5. Just a typo. If you have a hybrid it won't matter about percentages - it could lean indica or it could lean sativa, or somewhere in between.
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  6. That's cool and all, I wonder why advertise non consistent numbers if that's the case? I ordered based on traits, wanted more indica to keep the height down... But either way .It will be fixed soon .I'm sure. And I doubt they will reprint the package papers so the strain will def end up 60% sativa on the site and the package...
  7. Why don’t you give them a phone call and ask which numbers are correct?
    If they sold you what you didn’t want, ask for an adjustment.
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  8. I'm a seed addict, and visit seed banks and breeders websites frequently.
    These typos are very common, and looking at the ancestry is often required to resolve them.
    Or an email, but sometimes the email recipient doesn't really know.

    In this particular case, most OG Kushs are 70+% indica dominant, and most SourDiesels are about that much sativa dominant, so I'd expect close to a 50-50 hybrid, unless indicas/sativas were used more in the crossings.
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  9. I was curious about this seedbank, so I compared an order from this place to Alibongo, where I recently got an order.
    The Seeds were Autoseeds brand GorillaGlue, SuckerPunch, DreamBerry, and Hijack.
    The Alibongo order was 71.65 GBP with free shipping, and the WorldWeedSeeds order was 92.50 GBP without shipping taken into account.

    I'm too lazy to pursue this further, but I won't be using WorldWeedSeeds.

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