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  1. Has anyone used growers choice seed company? Any positive or negative comments? Thank you guys!!

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  2. I purchased two auto flowering 3-seed packs
    and paid about $13/seed, delivered U.S.
    I successfully germinated and raised two seeds;
    one from each pack.
    Wanting to try 'something else', I returned to GC
    and ordered two photo-period seed packs; again ~$13/seed.
    I have yet to try these.
  3. I have grown their Critical Purple and Tangerine Dream, but only once.
    Critical Purple is excellent, and Tangerine was pretty good.
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  4. Cool thank you! They ship them discreetly I’m assuming?

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  5. Yes, from CA in a plain package in regular mail.
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  6. I have grown from them 3 seeds Critical Purple, only 1 out of 3 germinated tho.

    They ship fast, but due to Spring credit or debit orders are delayed by 7 days.
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  7. Did you guys have them sent to where you cultivate at? I’m not sure if it’s a big deal or not. I would think not since they are discreet

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  8. There is zero chance of trouble arising from GC sending seeds to your house in your real name.
    USPS needs a court order to mess with your mail.
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  9. IMG_9662.JPG

    I tried em but havnt grown them out yet because although I was very happy with the purchase because the easy banking atm situation they have, but once I got them I thought let me ask Rick from brothers grimm on if this is a Legal seller/solid genetics from his stock because the price difference was quite large. So.... I asked Rick if there was any difference genetically between his beans and what growers choice is selling. He said absolutely. What growers choice is probably doing is something that lower end breeders do like feminizing a cut they already got from him or something. From what I remember and I can go back and screenshot it, there is quite a difference so anyway he gave me 10 free cinderella female beans for letting him know (I guess that makes me a RAT IMG_0051.JPG lol). I’m growing them out currently now as we speak I’m in third week of flowering and I haven’t grown out growers choice beans yet so I can’t say what the differences I gave a couple out and I am curious myself. Rick is a great guy.

    This is yesterday and I just got done defoliating on third week of flowering so you can tell in the pictures they are completely beat up turned around bitch slapped and are in recovery mode for a couple days.

    Before Defo (last week)

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  10. I have them delivered to my house directly. Sac County lets us grow 9 plant indoor and 25 if we have a Medical card with a possible yield of 8 to 15 pounds max.

    The way they deliver is basically just out seeds in a pack and yellow bubble wrap envelope lol, not stealth or nothing.
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  11. How did you pay?

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  12. How did you pay?

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  13. regular credit card
  14. Debit card and credit card. No mention of the word cannabis or thc or 420 on my bill. These are sold as "novelty" seeds.....

    Actually I just got my order of 3 gorilla glue autos. Into Jiffy Pellets and Humidome they go.
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  15. USPS regulations that dictate that First Class mail is 'sealed against inspection' is NOT cast in stone.
    Having said that, you're not likely to lose more than your package.
    DSCN0012.JPG DSCN0013.JPG
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  16. Can you word that differently? Lol my bad.. and do you guys prefer auto flowering over fem?

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  17. Autos are much easier in my opinion.
    Here's an autos-only breeder's comments about them:
    About Us - Auto Seeds
  18. I hate my autos. ;)
    I like to grow plants; I have a house full of plants.
    I grew photo-period plants last year; that was fun.
    This year, I grew autos. Except for a month of LST,
    there was nothing to be done with these plants.
    That's just not fun, for me. I didn't raise these Frankensteins;
    they just ran on autopilot and stunk up the house as soon as
    soon as they started to flower... for two months, now.
    Yeah... huge colas but not much enjoyment getting there.
    I'm returning to photo-period, feminized, after I start a couple
    of autos for someone to grow in their garden.
    My opinion.
  19. I like my autos, they are easy and just grow lol. Photos are a big yielder but ehhhhhhh all depends. Photos you can control plant size and training. Autos you let em grow and do some lst.

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