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  1. I've been looking for a good US seed bank that offers good autos, so that staleness and customs confiscation are not worries. I hate being on needles and pins waiting for orders that might never arrive from europe.
    Growers Choice might be a good one.
    Seeds (Critical Purple and Tangerine Dream autos) were ordered Jul 13, and arrived today Jul 20 from CA.
    They were in small glass tubes enclosed in attractive breeder packs.
    I have no idea whether the strains are good, but the reviews seem good, and the breeder's specs are impressive.
    So far, I've found 3 hassle free, direct ship, credit card taking breeders, Nirvana (Dutch, but great stealth), Growers Choice (CA), and Mephisto (ships from US orders from CO), that cause no transport or stale seed worries.
    Have only tried Nirvana fems (AK48 and Aurora, not autos) out of those 3 at this point, and they were excellent. I'll be trying some Growers Choice and Mephisto seeds in a couple months or so.
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  2. How was there shipping? Growers Choice. Discreet? Who do you recommend the most
  3. My previous post pretty much says whom I trust.
    Don't think discreteness is an issue with a US shipper, shipping to US, but I'm wondering why the feds haven't clamped down on them.
    The seeds came in a square box about 5" x 5" x 3/4" with much room to spare inside. The only stealth was that it looked just like any of the other millions of US mail packages.
    If their strains are good, they will become a primary source for because of the convenience. I also called and talked to them, and liked what I heard.
    I worry about getting the wrong and/or stale seeds, and ordering directly from the breeder gives less chance for error.
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  4. I've ordered from Growers Choice. I was really happy with them. I'm looking at my little beauties from them as we speak and they smell and look great. Delivery was discreet, from the US, and super fast. Haven't heard of Mephisto, but I might try them out. I like the idea of getting it shipped from here in the US. I would be nervous waiting on an international order as well.
    But yeah, if my plants taste as good as they look and smell, Growers Choice will probably be my primary as well for convenience purposes.
  5. I won't be planting my Growers Choice seeds for a few weeks.
    Your opinion about them will be appreciated after you harvest.
  6. No problem! I'll let you know how it goes
  7. I was really happy with my harvest. The yield was great. The buds are just beautiful, and they taste great. I've ordered more seeds from them since and am still really happy with them. They're now my go-to for buying seeds. Hope your harvest goes as well!
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  8. Thanks for the update.
  9. I’m awaiting for some Tangerine Dream Autos today is the expected shipping date according to tracking number. Only thing that worries me is that I already received mail and didn’t receive the seeds (from growers choice obviously lol). But if I may suggest another solid seed Bank is Crop King. They are awesome and so discreet it’s not even funny received the order within the same week of ordering some fem Durban Poison Just wanted to throw that bank out there for you guys. Overseas but they have spots in CA which is where the return address is from. Cheers
  10. not really. Standard yellow bubble wrap envelope.. But its not really an issue since you arent dealing with customs I suppose.
  11. TMI bro. What are you guys thinking???

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  12. Gorilla Glue by GC seeds. This plant is 40 days old roughly. 20190519_204123.jpg 20190519_204111.jpg

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