Growers Choice Seeds (USA) delivered

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by wildthingmax, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. Ordered six auto flowering seeds from Growers Choice Seeds about six days ago and they were delivered no problem to east coast. Price is a little steep compared to overseas and I didnt see an option for any free seeds like the European companies offer but for that quick turn around it was definitely worth it. I was able to use a VISA credit card no problem. My tracking number was sent email and package was sent USPS no signature. I have three seeds germinating right now and will update when they pop.
  2. Need to get a few more plug I am in Missouri getting kicked in the nuts on price lkn for the help
  3. The ones I ordered took a while to pop. I actually had to move them from wet paper towel to a glass of water. The blueberry autos did ok but the tangerine dreams still havent opened after 9 days. The next time I buy from them ill order more than three each and only order their popular strains.
  4. I ordered the AK auto-flowering from them recently and had no problems. Of the 5 seeds I ordered, they all sprouted within a couple weeks at most. So far, so good. I'm super happy with how they're moving along. I'll try and update as they get bigger and stinkier

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