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  1. Main Ingredients:
    -Target Garage/Shop plastic cabinet. 36' H 25 W 18 Deep.
    -Home Depot 4" inline fans. 1 for intake, 1 for exhaust.
    -Roll of Mylar.
    -4 24" T5 CFl's, with a homade reflector.
    -Small fan.
    -Supersoil in 8" pots.
    -Ph up, Ph down, Clonex, Gnatrol, Nutes, Testers, Blah blah..

    -2 quality clones from a friend up North.









  2. The clones have been planted for 10 days at this point. Yesterday I started LST, as directed by the tutorial in the Absolute Beginners section.

    Notice the temp? I can't get it lower than 90, but it seems to work. We'll see.
  3. Dier helps another LST their way to victory in a small space. Awesome. :D

    T-5's are awesome lights- I love em. I like them a lot better than CFL's for the heat factor, you should try a couple on the sides too.

    Good luck!
  4. I'd love to put some on the sides, but I just don't have the room. The lights I have now touch both sides of the box.
    But I know where there's a will, there's a way. I'm sure I'll come up with something.
    Hey, thanks for the quick comment! Yeah, first time trying LST... It should turn out great..
  5. After battling high temps in this box for quite some time now (90 degrees +), I decided to take a different route.
    I've been using those 4" inline fans to push air in and suck air out, but they just don't do the job, obviously.
    I tried putting in 2 one liter frozen bottles of water at a time, but that didn't work.
    I tried placing a fan in front of the intake duct, directing more air into it, but that didn't help.
    So yesterday I just opened the doors and placed a big box fan on a table outside the closet, blowing air from my bedroom right into the box. The doors are open, and I'm losing some of the light because of it, but my tamps are now about 83 to 84 degrees at plant level.
    I know that's still high, but remember, I live in Arizona.... It's 110 outside, dude. 83 is as low as it's gonna go unless I hack into my A/C vents..... And they're accross the room.

    Hopefully this will work out... Not exactly stealth, but it's what I have to do... I can't think of a better solution. It's just freakin hot here.
  6. Oh yeah- I'm doing LST, and it's going fine... but I'm not sure about cutting the fan leaves. I've cut a few of the bigger ones off, but I'm not sure where to cut them, exactly. Close to the stem? Close to the leaf? I'm not sure.
    I know I do want to cut them, though... Until the stem grows all the way around the pot and it begins it's flowering stage.

    Any help?
  7. Ok, no one wants to answer that, that's
    Today I posted a question about heat stress and my plants to the sick plants forum, and Ganja Guerrilla helped me out by saying it looked like they were starving... So I added nutes for the first time today... 1/2 strength.
    We'll see what develops. I sure hope he's right about this... If they perk up, I owe him a million props :metal:
  8. Plants are doing better after the nutes, thanks GG!
    But I still have
  9. Just dropping by to see your grow since it is similar to mine. Do you know what strain that is? Nice LST job, I did that on my last grow, but tied down instead. I would like to start that on mine, but trying to get rid of the gnats first. Good luck! They look good to me.
  10. I'm not sure of the exact name they're calling it, but i'm 99% sure it's Indica.... If that helps.
  11. [​IMG]

    Ok, yesterday morning at 6 am I tripled the dose of Gnatrol. It was my last application of it. (the bottle says to use it 3 times in a week). I put the plants in the sink and watered them with it.... And when I did, the gnats came crawling out to the surface and the sides of the pot. So I grabbed some insect killer made specifically for plants that I'd bought from WalMart and hit them with that, too. I sprayed the inside sides of the pot where they were crawling, and sprayed each one I saw. I used a spoon and dug into the dirt about 3 or 4 inches and searched for bugs... I killed them as I saw them.
    I did this for each plant. Then I put them back under the lights.

    4 hours later, I flushed each plant with 2 gallons of ph 6.5 water. Then I watered them with ph corrected water and the MG fert that G.G. recommended.
    I didn't see any bugs anywhere.. I dug into the soil, seeing roots, but never saw any bugs... I believe I killed them all. I also wiped down the inside of the grow box and everything else.
    Then I put the plants back under the lights.

    The picture above is from today. The plants seem to have recovered from all that water and Gnatrol and everything else just fine. I now plan to wait a week before watering them... Let the soil dry out... Then go on a regular watering cycle..

    My only question is why are they still so small? When are they gonna start GROWING?
  12. when you change the lights to the flowering schedule.
  13. give it a while before they start growing again the gnats probly did some damage to the root system is say in 2 weeks or less your gonn ahave nice new growth.
  14. Did you check the PH of your soil ? The PH of the water runoff ?

    Also, that supersoil has some slow release nutes in it, that makes things tricky, IMO. Also, you water your plants directly under the tap water ? is that a good idea ? Even if the PH of the tap water is ok, then there's probably chlorine and stuff in it.

    And I don't live in Arizona, but I know what you mean about the heat issues, because my cabinet is also currently too hot, and there's not much that can be done about it. I guess that's why some people take a vacation from growing in the summertime.
  15. Yes, I do runoff tests, I keep the ph at 6.5.
    I wwater in ph balanced tap water that has been sitting open for a week or so. I NEVER water directly from the tap.
    I didn't think supersoil has the slow release nutes, but then again yesterday I saw a little white ball in there and thought wtf? Maybe there are some kind of slow-release things in there....

    My biggest mistake was this soil. I bought it because it was the only sterilized soil I could find. I'd tried using Miracle Grow before, and had serious flying gnat issues.... And then I tried this stuff on a previous (disaster) grow, and never had bugs of any kind.
    But I reused the open bag for this grow... ANd I think they found their way into the bag when it was sitting outside.... I wish I knew that my hydro store sold organic soil before I started this.... They do, but I never saw it. Plus, I figured Hydro = no soil, you know?

    Well, anyway, today they're doing better. I see new growth and they look perky. I asked Ganja Guerilla and he said to replace one of my blue lights with a red one to broaden the spectrum... So I did that just now.
    We'll see what develops. :smoke:
  16. Just stopped by to check in on your gnat problem. I finally got the gnatrol yesterday, but haven't used it yet. I also bought some neem oil, which i think will work better since it covers all life stages of the gnats. my Strawberry Cough are also very slow growing...i know it damaged the roots because i have never seen a plant grow so slow. i did water w/ peroxide last week and actually haven't seen a gnat yet, but i think they are probably still in the soil, so planned on using the neem oil is harmless. the gnatrol is harmless too, i don't think you needed to flush them afterwards. all Gnatrol is is.....water and a bacteria specific to eating larvae. nothing harmful that would require a flush.

    Did you add any perlite to your soil, from the picture, it doesn't look like it. maybe the soil is too rich and your roots aren't getting enough oxygen. perlite helps aerate the soil. i don't think it's too late for you to transplant if you do think your soil is the problem.

    Have you used and fertilizer yet? Good luck...keep us updated. :)
  17. Yes, the Gnatrol is pretty harmless stuff, and it only kills the larvae because they eat it and then it affects their stomach and they stop eating and die. So it has to be ingested to work.
    And the adult gnats I had to use a spray I got from WalMart... And I sprayed the shit out of those bugs with that stuff... Killed them all dead.
    That's why I wanted to flush. Plus I wanted to make sure my PH was correct.

    No, I didn't perlite my soil. By transplanting, do you mean to just take the whole plant, dirt and all, and put it into a larger pot? Or try to shake off most of the soil that's there already and then replant into a perlite mix that way? Know what I'm saying?
    I'd do it, but I just need specific instruction.

    Yes, I used fertilizer on them right after I flushed them. I now plan to fert every 3rd watering at full strength (as recommended by The Master, GG)

    Here's a pic from today
  18. They look nice and healthy to me. Sometimes the LST can delay the growth I think. How long do you plan on keeping them in veg?
  19. Until the main stem wraps all the way around the pot.
    -Just like the LST tutorial shows.

    I'm not sure if I should top it at that point, as I've seen people advise against it.
    I probably wont.

    I think that now the bugs are gone, and I keep on a regular schedule, and my heat problems have been solved, it should start growing quicker.

    I think that I may transplant to larger 10" pots when it gets ready to begin 12/12

    I'll keep posting pictures of them here as they develop.
  20. I'm noticing that your soil looks real barkey and that could be a big factor in growth. The medium in which your plant thrives in is very essential. What I have researched and found is that this is the optimal Marijuana Soil:
    60% - Steril Potting Soil
    15% - Perlite
    10% - Building Sand(not Beach Sand)
    10% - Worm Castings
    5% - Pre-Mix(N12%, P6%, K6%)

    But if you budget does not allow it I would recomend Schultz African Violet Pre-Mix which I am currently useing due to budget issues. I have a pic of the bag in my Grow Journal, the Link is in my Signature.

    Also what is the Average PH of your Plant Soil?

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