grower didnt dry/cure bud long enough.

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    i recently purchased an ounce and it doesnt smell very strong. will curing it for 2 or 3 weeks in a mason jar make my bud more potent?
  2. Curing will make ya weed hit smoother, taste better, and sometimes give it a little extra kick...I always notice how the weed expands in my lungs more after a lengthy cure
  3. ya i got that part. its just it doesnt even seem fully dried so i dont want it to get moldy.
  4. High there, I always dry and cure bought in bud for a few days. Dealers really don't give a fuck, they man handle the bud all the time and it never comes dried. It should be fiarly dry, I just throw it in a jar for a few days and open the lid every day or so. If you can leave it alone and not smoke it!

    Good luck

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