Grower busted by postman because of supplies in mail

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by trombonerstoner, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. fucking pigs dont care about rights when they find a grow gah fuck those fucking pigs they need to let thsi man go and give him his ganja!!!:mad:
  2. It was only five plants. That's a misdemeanor in Illinois.
  3. The only way he would know what is in the package is to look and to tamper and open mail is a federal offense so yeah I'd say something shady is going on.
  4. Just look at that guy! He does NOT look anything like a criminal that should go to prison. He was growing weed in his house, probably for personal use only. (I could be wrong, who knows...)

    Legalization would solve so many dumb problems. And how did the postman know what the packages were? Unless the guy had several things from some hydro shop online with their logos on the box and stuff, otherwise that's bullshit.

  5. ^^^This

    With only 5 plants he was obviously just doing it for personal use, maybe unload a bit on close friends from time to time.

    So glad they caught this dangerous criminal!
  6. How can police get a warrant based on indoor gardening equipment? These are 100% legal products. It seems when a grow op is busted the ends justify the means.

    I love how they competely exaggerated the value of his pot. Since when is two pounds worth $12,800?

    This quote was totally off base,

    Oh no timed lighting and a "carbon-based filtration system". This mad scientist must be stopped. Seriously that is standard equipment for an indoor grow, you can't really call it sophisticated. The whole article was a blatant attempt to make this guy sound like a bad person. He grew a little bit of pot, probably for his own use, he is not a criminal.
  7. "Huskey was also charged with endangering the life and health of a child for allegedly overseeing the operation while a girl lived with him in the apartment. "

    are you kiddingg me!! this is the BULL SHIT i'm talking about. UGHH you dont see police knocking down doors and invading peoples shit when they suspect alcohol or cigarettes in the house near kids..which actually endangers the life/health of a child. mother fuckers.
  8. haha, I live like 10 mins away from him
  9. Gah it pisses me off everytime someone combines the words: felony, crime, criminal with ganja posession or herb grower <.<
    How can growing Weed for your own personal use be considered a crime -.- It should be each person's personal life choice...

    Let Babylonian wall's fall! :smoking:
  10. Damn. Got unlucky.

    Whats that minor doing in his crib by the way? Haha.
  11. Fuck USPS. Plain and simple this whole thing is bullshit, and exactly why growers are typically "overly paranoid". I cannot believe he is charged with endangering a minor as well. What was the kid going to do sneak in his closet, and smoke all his weed, and still receive no negative health effects? Our country needs to get its shit together, this is a disgusting breach of a man's privacy and rights. The guy is clearly growing for himself and maybe a friend or two, and gets hit for endangerment on top of the MJ charges? Meanwhile young kids are being physically, and mentally abused and raped and this clown gets endangerment? What the hell is this nation coming to? No to mention it would be very interesting to know how the dipshit, self-righteous prick of a mailman had any inclination of what was in his packages that the guy was receiving.
  12. Uhmmm.... if you read the article, he had 2 pounds in his house. That's NOT personal use. He took the risk, and got caught. Now if he gets a good lawyer, maybe they can say it was an illegal tip, and there was no probable cause to search his house.
  13. It was also said that he may be supplying to a couple friends in which 2 lbs isn't that much.

    That's beside the point though, it was obviously a breach of his privacy regardless.
  14. my thoughts precisely..some justice system we have!
  15. This is actually fucked up in so many ways. First of all like some of you said, plant growing equipment is no grounds for a search warrant, secondly, how would the postman know what was in his parcels, and thirdly, even if he did know for a genuine reason; what kind of fucked up postman would report some guy becuase he has a suspicion that this guy might have been growing weed. :mad:
  16. Complete bullshit of course, even though his supplies were detected by the mail's Inspection Service so it wasn't exactly a mailman who tipped the pigs off. I think the guy should have been a bit more careful, he shouldn't have bought his supplies through the mail.

    Plus, I think McAnally has the worst possible name ever -.-
  17. in the midwest of USA an ounce can fetch up to 450 where I live. A pound up to $6500
    depending on demand. In america prices blow. Cant wait til I go to Vancouver for school!
  18. yeah, Ive only seen one previous mention of the officers name

    Sgt. McAnally

    anyone care to guess why he became a police officer? lmao :bongin:

  19. Holy shit! I know that some places in the US have high prices but $6500 per pound? That is insane. Up here in BC its $2200 for the bomb shit. For $200 an ounce you can get the best pot on the planet. It's no surprise all the BC Bud gets shipped to the states.

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