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  1. Hey Guy's just wanted to give anyone looking to buy a grow tent a head's up. Do not shop with Grow Box Builder they will respond very quickly to your initial email's and then completely ignore you after they get your money. They got me for $360.00 don't buy from these assholes.
  2. Did you get your money back from the 3rd party payment processor ? They can't keep your money, you had to have gotten a refund.... Also I got a box custom built by these guys and it is still going strong, they did take a longer time to ship it, but they were super nice the entire time and saved me lots of cash. So it's not a scam, and you should have easily been able to get a refund by opening a dispute..... i swear these grow box companies go to war with each other with reviews like this....
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  3. Lol I just bought and received a killer cabinet from them soooooo.....hmmmm.....

    Did you email them about it????
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  4. Hope you get your money back =/ Just something to watch if you have spare time (I mean no offense to your small box growers). Just something to make sure you do want to go down that route(if you get your money back =/)

  5. Those are pricey AF..
    Whats the advantage of these? 2000$ for a $150 cabinet, 80$ worth of fans and a cheap 300$ 900watt LED.
    I don't get it?? does this have a a/c unit built in???
  6. There was one guy on here who was gonna spend like $2,000+ on a "all-in-one" grow tent, found him a much better quality tent/fan/filter/light for about $300. It's crazy how much people pay sometimes without doing their research.
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  7. But putting that aside, how did you pay? Im assuming CC or Paypal?
    Your money is easily obtainable, Either Call your CC or open a dispute on paypal!
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