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  1. Allright for a while now ive been reading up on growing alot so that i might have somewhat of a successful first grow, I plan on making my dresser into a growbox, my question is, what type of lighting should i get and another big problem i have is how will i keep the smell of the plants from filling my whole room and basement. if anyone could help i would appriciate it
  2. Howdy,

    In a dresser I would use no more then 250 watts of HPS lighting, remember to vent this area with intake and exhaust fans though as the heat would build up very fast, as for keeping the smell to a low minimum you could go two ways, vent to the outdoors or use an ion burner to kill the smell pretty costly for a dresser but we must do what we must do to keep it as stealth as possible!!

    Good luck in your grow


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