growbox questions: lights, fans, & carbon filters...

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  1. Hi, i'm a newbie thats starting to make my own growbox (1st time). I have a few questions though:

    1. How does a computer fan work in a growbox? The only thing i know is that you need a cpu power supply to get it started. How do growers get it working without a psu supply?

    2. How does carbon filters work? Does it suck in all the odor that the fan pushes? I plan on making my own carbon filter, which would be placed on the left side of the grow box. Right next to it will have a cpu fan intake and on the far right corner, another cpu fan blowing air out of the box. Good idea?

    3. I'm considering using the 150W HPS e-conolight, (view attachment). But how would i install that into a grow box? Usually, there's a string on top so you can hook it in like a regular reflector. But this doesnt have anything to attach it with. Should i make a hole at the center of the growbox, and just screw the botton part in? Any ideas?

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  2. sounds good bro umm i would put a metal piece running from one side of the box to the other near the top,, in the box,,, ,, and attach the light to the bar,, ,, or u could use a piece of wood and run it too,,, good luk,, if that makes sense EZ

  3. dats a pretty good idea, i might just do that. Seems alot better than drilling holes and trying to make a right fit.
  4. thanx man i didnt know if it made sense haha,, try it i would try to put some quik wood on the insed then u can drill the bar into it ,,, quikwood is sythetic wood in a tube u mix it togethor and mold it and place it were u want it ,, let it dry for an hour or 2 and u can screw into it if u do do this predrill a hole with a 1/8"th bit ,, then screw in or else it will crak
  5. 1) Splice it with a power adapter that produces the same voltage/amps.

    2) Carbon works by trapping really tiny particles in the air (I think) so having air flow through it works best.

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