Growbox Outline Help(In need of creative minds)

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by SweeneyWeeney, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. For the past few weeks I've been obsessing over this and I'm just ready to jump in. However I know that allowing myself time to read a few more stickies and take time to decide how I want to go about building my growbox is the best way to go. Im a broke college student so I don't have the money to pay for overpriced tents or growboxes so I figured doing it the old fashioned will be cheaper and with the right decisions maybe even better than what I could find online. So this is where I need your guys help, I have a 2x6.5x7.5 space where I plan on building the boxes. I want to divide this up into two boxes, one for veg growth and one for flowering so that I could have always have a harvest within a month or so apart. So where should I place holes for fans? and Carbon filter? What lighting power should I have in this small enclosure? ideas for insulation?(house gets as low as 60 during the night).  If anyone can make suggestions of where holes for fans and other necessities should be placed and why, it would be greatly appreciated. heck, even with design or use of space, get creative!


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