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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by ReallyRed, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. allright, since it looks like my last grow is turning into a bust (it's been a week with no green babes popping up) i'm starting to plan on making a nice grow box...

    the space that i'm thinking, 1.5' wide and deep, 3-3.5' tall on the inside. i'm planning on mylar or foil lined to help keep the light high, but i am very concerned about energy consumption. i don't want it to take too much, and i've heard that some light setups will take tons of electricity...

    so, this is what i've thought... roughly a 100w Hps with some cool red and blue flourescents. (two each, and those spiral kind, more space efficient) two to four fans inside (computer.)

    i'm tring to keep the energy consumption as low as possable, but i don't want to sacrifice too much in quality for it.

    how much do you think this will take up in monthly bills?

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  2. power companies charge by the kWh. figure up your total watts (for the computer fans, take the voltage you are running them at and divide it my their amperage)
    and multiply by time


    .1kW x 12h x 30 days= 36kWh x power rate = monthly cost

    9v / 1.2a = .008kW (give or take) x 24h x 30 days = 5.76kWh x power rate = monthly cost


    .032kW x 2 lights x 24h x 30 days = 46.08kWh x power rate = monthly cost

    9v / 1.2a = .008kW (give or take) x 24h x 30 days = 5.76kWh x power rate = monthly cost

    i hope that helps!

    NOTE: i made an error at first, the decimal place should be right now. sorry for the crazy numbers, i was awake late studying to for a test.
  3. you sure about that?

    100W x 12h = 1200wh (unless the power consumption of the light is 100kW, then that's a nasty drain)

    far as i can guess...

    100W x 12h = 1200wh x 30 = 36000wh... again, unless i'm missing something, in Kilowatt hours it would factor to be more like 36kWh... sorry, am i missing something?
  4. nope, i forgot to move my decimal place. move it to the left 3.
  5. *nods* cool, i wondered about that...

    which would make the cost to run it around $10-20 in my area... not bad. cheaper than buying the bud from a local.
  6. If u wanna cut it down more u can leave out the red and blue flouro's!
    100w hps should do fine, maybe when theyre just sprouting use a cool white flouro above it instead of the hps cos it will be less harsh since its only a baby!
    so if u just use the 100w hps for the whole grow then you'd never notice the rise in electricity!

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