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    Ok so i have very limited tools so this is my plan . I'm pretty sure I can make it work but as you can see in my pic .my idea is to use a 32 gallon trash can and put 1 single plant in it . Using the lid to hold my cfl lights. I'm pretty sure I know how to set it up ,but my main question is , is this going to allow enough room for my plant to Make it all through flowering?
    Please let me know what y'all think of this idea
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  5. Ok thanks tho. Anybody have some advice? I need to know if this is gunna leave enough room when I put the lights it will be enough room to grow to harvest
  6. the plant will fit in any size box if you spend the time and train/clip whats needed. I would recommend you looking @ scrog method to maximize space, CFL grows work, i would look@ some grow journals to find those users results.. From my readings about cfl lights, the buds become real light and fluffy compared to other light sources.
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    So you think this would be a good setup along with using the scrog method?
  8. No this is way too small to use scrog, you will be able to fit one photoperiod plant in there nicely. The key to your success will be to pop your seed only grow it to about 3-4 inches before you switch to flower. That will keep your plant very short. I have grown now with both CFL and HPS and you will get a larger yield with hps but for your set up CFL will work just fine. 
    My cousin made a little veg cab using a garbage can it works great
    I would paint the inside of your garbage can flat white for reflectivity, you may also want to mount a fan somewhere in the lid pulling air out of the can to keep it cool. If you are using CFL bulbs remember a 100 watt equivalent is only about 25 actual watts. To get decent results you will want to use at least 4 100 watt equivalent bulbs (so about 100 watts of actual power). flower bulbs in Veg that will also keep your new plant short. 
    Alot of people will tell you that anything more than a few inches away from a CFL bulb is too much, I disagree. If I were you I would keep the bulbs around 6 inches to a foot away from the bulbs. This works great for me and I never have to worry about my babies growing up into my lights and getting burnt. 
    If you are wondering about height the awesome thing about these plants is if they get too tall all you have to do is get a bamboo pole and some gardening wire and use them to bend the main stalk of the pland in whatever direction you need including down, but if you flip it to a 12/12 light cycle when the plant is only a few inches you will be fine remember these things can grow up to 4x their size from Veg to flower so a 10 inch plant could potentially end up at 40 inches when you put it in flower. So your biggest help will be putting it to flower right after the seed comes a few inches out of the dirt, you will need to account for grow pot and lights hanging down for your final height so I imagine 2 foot tall plant would be perfect.
  9. me it from what it sounds like what your saying its not gunna be big enough to flower in and expect a sizeable yield. I'm looking to get a good yield . What other way could I make a grow box because I have a $300 budget with no tools. Thanks for the help guys :)
  10. Well all I have for tools is a hammer *

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