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  1. 3x3 grow tent with 600W HPS at 4 weeks into flower.  This is my first go 'round with a tent so we'll see what I get.  I let these grow vegetative for about 3 weeks before forcing flowers.  The seeds are probably considered bagseed but they're from someone that i know buys pre-feminized seeds (i am told afghan) and grows outdoor in our region so lord only knows who's plants are creating the seeds he's getting.  I am looking for any advice/tips I can get so please don't hesitate.  I'd like help identifying these if anyone can help.  It's hard to tell by color how healthy they are but there is no burnt tips to speak of.  I see some yellowing of the older (lower) fan leaves but I do have sulfur water where I live so not sure if that can be to blame.  I leave the tent open while the lights are on and zip her up when they go out for 12 hours.  At first I had it zipped while the lights were on cuz I was worried about those escaping lumens but the 85+ degrees that it'd be within the tent was NOT COOL (pun intented).  Leaving the tent open dropped the temp inside to 75 tops so I am sticking with that.  I do keep a tiny fan inside just to get them some exercise.  Should probably upgrade it at some point.  Anyhow....lemme know what yas think!


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  2. Looks like you are doing a very good job. opening the tent is the right thing to do when heat is an issue. keep it nice and cool for tighter buds.
    nice grow!
  3. Thx man.  I couldn't believe how much of a difference leaving the tent wide open made.  Today is day 30 so these next few weeks are go go go time.  I will post more pics sometime next week.  Thx for replying.
  4. Today is day 34.  I figure it's time for new pics.  Lemme know what yas think.  looking for any/all advice.  Mainly i am looking for advice on what i can perhaps be giving them as flowering goes on.  They're getting nothing but good ole H2O.  I have kept my grows very basic and am at a point where I feel I should be seeking advice on some nutes for the girls.  Plz help!

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  5. looking good. next time get some close ups of the bud so you can look back and have your mind blown!
  6. will do.  gotta brush up on photography skills.  was sorta in a hurry when i took those.  Will post update in a few more days.  thx for commenting.

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