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  1. I would like to learn how to grow. I was wondering if there were any contacts out there that can teach and set up growroom. I just bought a house so i have alot of space.
  2. hey woody so the only way to learn is threw books and sites. i cant get it first hand? My supplers are weak thats why i would like to take this rout.
  3. you can learn more by reading than you could learn in a thread

    talk to older people arround you who smoke and have done some growing
    anf read up is the best advice you can get

    here we can help you with more specific quesgens
  4. do you think its better to bypass so your elec. wont be high or do it regular. and if you dont live in your house how much light can you run with out suspicion.
  5. dont know enuff about eleictric to answer

    but someone here mite
  6. best thing to do is to go work at a greenhouse for about a week.
    ask all the stupid questions u can and bug em so much u get fired but got a head full of facts.
  7. i love that idea!
  8. previously i wanted to start off with 5,1000 watt hps lights. since i'm a novice do you recommend that and if i started with one light would it make a difference cause i dont want to waste time. and how often should you feed i heard every 3 hours and the closer the light is to the plant yeilds better right.
  9. should feed approx every 14 days....and when she's small use a weak solution and don't use it for the first 21 days as the soil has enough natural fert in for the light....if it's too hot for you're hand then it's too hot for the plant....p.s. 5, 1000w hps is a lot of light...that would be for over 25 plants.....Peace out....Sid
  10. is it possible to yeild 7-10 pds. off 5, 1000 light every 90 days or is that b.s.. theres a system were you dont have to use dirt hydro system is that the way to go or stick with dirt.
  11. Growing in soil or hydro is really down to personal for 7-10lbs of bud every 90 days for a first time grower would be hard margin for error, and the flowering process taking approx 60 days leaves only 30 days of vegatative growth....hence the quantity from smaller plants...i.e. less veg growth would be greatly decreased...if this is you're first grow you're most certainly jumping in at the deep end! may want to start off on a smaller scale, and then advance yourself further, also bear in mind that the bud will need time to dry and cure.....usually the longer it cures the better taste to the don't want a lot of weed that will choke you when smoked........Peace out....Sid
  12. so it is possible to achieve that if a person knew what he was doing. what do you mean hard work. do you need more equipmet for that kind of output?
  13. well, for your lights, fans, mylar, soil, ferts, and all the xtras(light meter, ph meter, ozone machine etc..) we all need the first time, for about 5 * 1000 hydro lights, you would need about 2 grand in CAN$, so about 1300-1500 US, But if you want total good hydro, expect to double that for the tables, reservoirs, pumps, hydro ferts.

    Now this is not even taking in consideration what you need to do to get all of them to grow perfectly would require about
    2 hours of work a day. you would need to know about PH, disease and pest control in case, and If you do get 5 1000 watt lights YOU BETTER JACK THE HYDRO!!! or else you will get either a tactical team at your door or you will get a very nice card from the hydro company for your payments of your 400-700$ bills! In other words, if its just for you and a few ppl, you dont need more than 1 light, but if you are growing
    to sell in mass quantities, All I havta say is good luck if youre not a biker or a lawyer.
  14. what is jacking the hydro. my house runs 200 amps would that make difference some house run 40-100. so you think 5,1000 will alarm sombody even thouh nobody lives there.
  15. hydro tapping is a federal offence... minimum 10 yrs i think.
    5 lights is about $150us every 2 months. paying off that hydro bill is alot easier than 10 yrs behind bars. The KISS method (Keep it Simple Stupid) is your best bet. Go to Hydroponic stores and they will help... be careful that you don't get burned for for buying un-needed stuff. First timers should start in soil. soil is idiot proof... hydro is unforgiving to the unexperienced person.
    read stuff off the net to learn more. good luck.
  16. i just bought about 100 females there about 2or 4 inches some of the leaves are turning yellow and some leaves look like they are dead. is that normal? out of the 100 maybe a few are doing that i have 50 under 1, 1000 watt and another the same way. how often should i water.
  17. will the electric bill be noticibly high with this and can i use one on 2 plants. Do they put off a lot of heat??
  18. Hey 420 kid to give you an idea....i grow using 1x400W Hps in my cupboard which is approx 3.5ft x 3ft x 10ft tall.....i grew 1 plant very successfully last time and i am going to attempt 4 this time......the light will suffice 4 plants.....the problem i had was the was ranging mostly between 75-88...i would rather have had it a bit lower however i'm gonna try to compensate for this by, flowering earlier and not letting it get close to the light at over for the electricity, if you mean will it increase quite a bit.....yes.....mine rose from approx £30 p/Month to £50 p/Month.....Peace out....Sid

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