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  1. If there is an outdoor plant that is 9 inches tall and is now roughly 5 weeks old and begun flowering at 4 1/2 weeks, how much will it yield? (Strain unknown)
  2. Umm is it an auto? I'm guessing its an auto since it is so young and already flowering. Autos depending on the strain don't yield much at all. I would expect 5-28grams. Also depending if you are an experienced grower. But I would expect the lower end of that.

  3. A 9" plant will give you about 1/4 oz. Obviously it's not possible to give an exact estimate because so many things affect yield. But yeah if you didn't train it and it only has one main cola, you will get somewhere around 7g's.

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  4. 22.895 lbs for sure...
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    9" tall by half mile wide
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    op isn't lst training them? dammmm, thats a short plant then...may get just enough to fill a real blunt.  :laughing: :gc_rocks: :ey:
  7. Welcome. What can you expect? Not much at all. The buds really shrink when you dry them. What lights are you using? Next time leave it under 24 hr or 18/6 hr light for six weeks.
    Read up on topping, super-cropping and low stress trainning (LST). Also, check out the "Absolute Beginners" and "Indoor Grow" Forums.
    When under veg, I would top it when it has four real sets or leaves. If you've got good light and time, you may consider going back to 24 hour light for a while and topping it a couple of times. That will improve yield. Otherwise, it's kind of a waste of time and effort.

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