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  1. so its mid summer temps outside are crazy. 110 today. its been 100 for a month and we see all 4 seasons here. having problems not only keeping the room cool but also keeping the house cool.

    i feel like the current situation is the room is drawing to much air from the house and the house AC cant keep up. there are 3 1000 xxxl magnum hoods on a 8" max fan pulling air from garage and exhausting into attic. the room has a 8" intake and 8" exhaust that works the same way as the lights.

    im looking for another cooling option. a window unit in the garage, putting a window unit in the grow room, a portable unit, mini-split is not an option yet.

    would it work better if both exhausts went back into the house vs. the attic?

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  2. no there is no attic fan. i must be missing something. can you help me understand how an attic fan is going to help

  3. im guessing you will just redirect me to the link you provided ;) i just read through it and it makes alot of sense. will be tackling this tomorrow. any other suggestions.
  4. Sure,

    Imagine that without an attic fan, the area above your ceilings is just a storage area for all of the hottest air in your home. (Because without an attic fan, it is.) So as temps rise outside and hot air does what it does naturally inside your home, (rise) Now take that scenario and add a fan in the attic that kicks on automatically when it gets to say 100 in the attic. All of the hottest air is flushed out by the fan, replaced by cooler air and now the hotter air below in the home has somewhere to rise to again.

  5. attic fan being installed today.

    anything else that should be done.
  6. With a attic fan, growers enjoy double benefits;
    Cooler temps in the house + odor remediation!
    I hope the attic fan cools things off for you and
    you enjoy your grow

  7. thanks for all the advice.

    anybody else. i cant believe an attic fan is going to help me cool 3000 watts and 3 ballasts along with the garage that is already 90 degrees.
  8. Do not grow in the summer... This is what I decided to do since I do not want to spend any money on portable AC and I can not control heat....

  9. you give crappy advice

  10. thanks for the link, hopefully this will work for me also.
  11. Why? If you did not realize that with out spending $$$$$ your grow will not get cooler, then my advice is actually not so bad.
    Good luck, I hope you find a way..:wave:
    P.S. I did my home work before even starting my grow.... Here is another crappy advice : do the same thing :)

  12. sure i guess if i didnt realize growing cost $$$ sure. enjoy your 600watt grow let me work on keeping my 3000watt cool.
  13. It was good and I knew that with out getting portable AC I can not grow during the summer ..... I did my run and had a good results(link in my sig)
    Good luck on solving heat problem with your 3000W grow and I will enjoy my 600W :wave:
  14. An attic fan will help keep the attic cooler, but it will also draw more air into the home unless your home is very air tight. If the home is airtight but the attic is not, venting the attic does little good for keeping the home cooler.

    Venting the air back into the home will increase the AC units ability to keep up with the demand. By venting your grow room into your air into the attic, you are pulling untempered air into your home that your AC must cool. With the attic fan, you just increased the air infiltration tenfold.
  15. So how did that attic fan work out?

    You see any results?

    What type of attic do you have. A big attic or a small one you cant walk in?
    Im thinking in doing the same since it gets thoes temps here too.. just wanted to see how it went.

  16. ya man the attic fan actually made the entire house hotter.

    basically an attic fan is good for places or times when it isnt 107 outside.
  17. WOW good to know
  18. Hmm, there's no possible way you guys installed it going "against" natural flow of air? Not likely but sonthing that stood out to me.

    So it would help in a place from say 80*-95*?

    Well that doesn't help because what do u do if it spikes over that? Hmm. Well there goes my plans for my place!

    I am only running 1600w but am having the same issues you are, sucking "cool" air out of house faster than home ac can keep up.

    I've been doing lots of research and it seems we both need to go sealed rooms. An ac unit is designed to cool a specific size. It NEEDS to effectively cool its intake air or it wont put out cold air. If its intake air stays the same temp (or rises) the ac doesn't effectivly cool.

    To make a long story short, your exhausting your conditioned air out your vents and intsking hot summer air on all gaps around your home. Forcing your ac to cool a larger volume of air. Plus the air doesn't stick around long enough to become cool. Its a lose lose situation.

    What I am going to do is seal the room, seperate light/hood cooling from room scrubbing/ fresh air venting and add co2. That way you have two sealed zones. You can't have a sealed zone and have an attached zone that's exhausting air. You will always be fighting negative pressures.
  19. And i was just about to order an attic fan. i'll have to look more into it.

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