Grow Update!!! Its a Girl!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by superdupertoke, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Whats up everyone, little update im making to inform and possibly collect some more information to complete my grow! My plant is 22 days old, its a girl, bagseed, in a 10qt pot under two 100w cfl's with reflectors, and a 2 ft. flourescent above. Everything is good sofar, it has the two first leaves at the bottom about to die, I believe they are stress leaves. I am going to start flowering in 8 days, so far no nutes, going to start - miracle grow bloom booster flower food, nitrogen 15%, Phosphate 30%, potassium 15%. Im going to mix 1 tbsp into a gallon water jug, should I water with the nute water every other water? Water-water- nute water-water-water-nute water-water - water.... Also, I will be pouring in some fresh pineapple juise every so often. Also, how much and when should I add Molassis? Should I add a tbsp of molassis into my nute water jug? I think the roots already hit the bottom of the bucket, how big of pot should I transplant it to? Thankyou
  2. Can I add 2 tbsp of pineapple juice to the 1 gallon water jug that also would contain 1 tbsp of molassis and 1 tbsp of my npk food?
  3. Well what I lEarned from gc is that 1 tbsp of molasses to a gallon I thi k u have to much mutes in one water jug if that's what u plan doing and 30% ph is too much unless u mean 3.0 ph and mos mgs soil are not used best one I heard of is mg organic add bat guano blood meal and fish emulsion but that's also for outdoors mg organic is the only one I heard work unless a micro grow
  4. When I saw 30 or 15, I mean the percentage of amount of individual element.
  5. yes you can add molasses in with your nute water,
    how big of a pot to transplant? as big as you can get
    and i never heard of pineapple juice as a nute.
    during flowering you wont need any nitrogen until the mid leaves start to turn yellow. just have lots of P and K
  6. Thankyou High as Space, the Pineapple is for the bud flavor and smell of plant lol, im making a mids version of pineapple kush haha

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