Grow Update. I need any tips you can give me!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by VirginGrower, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, my plant is now 27 days old, she has a little bit of burn but I don't think its nute burn so I'm not sure what it could be. I haven't ever had her in sunlight shes always been under her cfls, never too late to start right? Please give me any tips that you think would be useful for me, this is my first grow. IMG_6532.JPG IMG_6535.JPG
  2. Are you using PHd or RO water? could be a ph issue
  3. Honestly I've just been using bottled purified water.
  4. girls got 8 hrs sun today!! today's pics form my grow!! Day 29 for plant 1 and 2. the two in big pot are day 15, no nutes just 6.2 ph water!! Soil for all pots is 40 %- perlite (MG washed) 30%- jiffy seed starter (ph-7) 30%- sphagnum moss (MG) IMG_20160424_172315801.jpg IMG_20160424_172326704.jpg IMG_20160424_172350300.jpg
  5. Nice job man! You're doing pretty well aside from your minor burn =)
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  6. thanks yea was impatience going crazy with cfl's too close & watering with nutes and was misting with nutes and calcium on day 25 now day3 of 10 day no nutes! think i over did it trying to get the best possible plant, learned the hard way less is more!!!! oh yea and my pots are small but stems are thick, cant wait for some buds!!but def doing well for my first grow from seeds.
  7. day 31 plants got lots of sun! here is my indoor setup and pics of the girls. IMG_20160426_221815079.jpg IMG_20160426_221815079.jpg IMG_20160426_221825548.jpg IMG_20160426_221835635.jpg IMG_20160426_221845175.jpg IMG_20160426_221858158.jpg IMG_20160426_221904416.jpg IMG_20160426_221913583.jpg IMG_20160426_222134152.jpg Tell me what you think!! I'm happy.
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