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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by HeadshopGirl, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. hey guys. i've been busy growing for some time now and just wanted to share a few pics with you all. here is one of my babies, three weeks into flowering. she has a long way to go, but i'm so stoked on her progress! let me know what you all think.



  2. Very nice! The plant looks very healthy and has some nice tight internodal spacing! Nice work HeadshopGirl! It's also nice to see a female grower around here spreadin' the Mary J love around. Good luck to you and your plant!

    Peace and Pot
  3. Nothin better than seein those freaky white hair dews stickin out the top of a sweet lady!

    Nice job:smoke:

    And yes it is nice to see a female on here showin her stuff, my old lady loves playin in the herb garden too:D


  4. yeah! girls can grow amazing bud too. i didn't undertake this project because my boyfriend does it or anything. i acquired the setup and the knowledge to grow on my own.
  5. Looks like its going to have nice tight nodes and will make fat sweet buds.

  6. Is that growing under CFL's or an HPS? Beautiful plant HSG!
  7. it's growing under 4 23w=100w CFL's. wish i could afford a HPS. maybe some day.... :(
  8. that is looking very very nice...

    are you using your 4 23W CFL's to grow just one plant or more?
  9. that's what is on the one plant. each plant has four CFL's on it. 4 CFL's is just not enough light for a whole grow.

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