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  1. Hey guys i got some grand daddy purp and wedding crasher growing in the same tent and i think the purp is done but the crasher needs another week.what should i do? Can i let tbe purp go longer? I have no other place to dry but same tent. 20221215_134341.jpg 20221215_134358.jpg 20221215_134412.jpg 20221215_134417.jpg 20221215_134425.jpg 20221215_134431.jpg

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  2. check the trichomes on the purp if they are mostly amber i would chop them you dont have a kitchen cabinet or someplace dark and cool to hang them? if they are still mostly milky let it ride another week
  3. Alot of ambers...will it cause a problem?

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  4. once they all hit amber the thc starts degrading read up on it i am sure you can use a box method to dry look that up on youtube my friend who is a long time grower always uses the box dry method and swears by it
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  5. The more amber the more "couch lock" the effect, people say. I can't really tell personally.
  6. I like amber . Yea there is a difference . It does depend on the strand your growing . I like being stuck on the couch after smoking with a pile of food . Or playing cards chilling smoking more and more.
    Here is a website explaining it a bit more . The Different Stages of Trichome Development | CenturionPro Solutions.

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