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  1. I've been toying with the idea of growing for awhile. Three days ago i germinated a bagseed and after two days i put it in some MG nutrient free soil in a party cup. The party cup is in a makeshift humidity dome under two 23 watt CFLs. There is a box fan blowing on soft to strengthen the stem once I get it out of the dome. Does this sprout look healthy? Does my setup look nice? Any help is appreciated :D
  2. Trouble putting the pics up >..< Any help is still helpful:) I'll fix the pic problem asap
  3. People stoppin by but no one says hi?):
  4. Finally got the pics

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  5. Ahhh! Take that damn green bottle off of your seedling! You're filtering out usable light.
    Seedlings don't need a dome of any sort anyway.
  6. I already took it off. It was just for till the seed popped out of the soil. for humidity. The cup doesn't have the bottle on it anymore and it's two inches away from the CFLs. The cotyledons just came apart and I watered them with tap water I've let sit for two days.

  7. I like the idea of the bottle for a humidity dome, but CurtChronic is right about the green. Use a clear bottle next time.

    I germ my seeds in paper towel and them plant into jiffy pots. After I see some roots just start poking free I plant in 3 gallon grow bags. Just a thought...
  8. A little off subject but does this look dank to you all? It compresses kinda like cotton and it's sticky as hell. Smells sweet too. Called Cotton Candy :smoke:

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  9. I started mine in paper towels too:) I wanted to start mine in a party cup to get a really nice root ball going.
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    You have drain holes in the bottom of your party cup? When I start out my seedlings or clones I start them out in little peat pots then when ready they go into a 1 liter super root air pot then as they get bigger to a medium size super root air pot then into their final 3-4 gallon super root air pot when ready. Once a plant gets an established root system growing you want to water till you have 20% of your water or nute mix drain out of the bottom. This helps reduce salts that build up in the soil. For seedlings you want to keep the soil damp but not soaked. As for the bud pic above you wont know till you try it if its dank. You can take a seed from ok bag weed and grow it into some dank stuff if you grow it out good and give some good nutes. You`d be suprised what unsulphered molasses can do for a plant especialy in the flowering stage and for the buds.
  11. There are drainage holes and why do you keep saying "super root air"?
  12. Typed it out shortly after waking up, as for it their a type of grow pot that helps prevent plants from getting root bound.
  13. My plant's first set of true leaves are showing. Looked like a bit of stratch so I covered up the stem a quarter of the way.
  14. Is the mulchy debris under rotting trees good for soil? Or is it good to be mixed in to soil?
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    Looks tight man. Is it gonna be stealth or ?

    Oh and what brand are your lights and where did you get them? I went to home depot and the highest I could find was a 5000k. I'm gonna stop at beards tomorrow after work, thinking they probably have a bigger selection of bulbs.
  16. Yeah it's stealth. I might end up putting it in a closet in the future so I can get a bigger yield. I don't remember the exact brand of lights I got but they are "daylight" CFLs from Home Depot. Just looked at my plant. The true leaves are as big as the cotyledons now:) I love how fast Mary J grows
  17. My seedling and ow my growbox currently looks :D

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  18. Transplanted my baby into a pitcher full of MG organic choice potting soil. A root or two came off >.< when should the stress wear of and the plant start growing again?
  19. Everytime I transplant I use about a drop or two of Superthrive in a gallon water and water after transplant. I also dont transplant till I see roots near the drain holes. As for yours if you didnt damage the roots to bad it should rebound fairly quickly.
  20. It's growing again :smoke: thank you for the info tplat :)

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