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  1. Okay, so I was thinking about buying a grow tent and sticking it in my closet. Would it be safe to stick a 2x2x5 grow tent in my closet with a 250w HPS light? I'm concerned with the heat given off by the light even with ventilation and air cooling it. Would this be a fire hazard? Also If anyone knows where I can find a cheap 2x2 grow tent that's at least 5 feet tall I would appreciate it lol.
  2. Good question, I'm in a similar situation. Looking forward to more replies.
  3. Thank you so much. Any chance you could help me out with the heat issue?
  4. lots of variables there... but its very easy to cool those lights...

    air cooled lights will be the easiest to maintain temps... also the reason i gave you the two tents..

    when going with a micro and a air cooled reflector it gets hard to make things fit... so make sure you double check sizes before purchase

    as far as keeping things cool.... as long as your pulling cold cooler air and expelling it out of the closet, your fine... this is the rub with most closet growers... you need to cut a hole in the ceiling and vent into the attic... if you do this i promise cool temps... most try to not cut holes, your going to have a rough time trying to keep the temps from rising...

    as far as a fire hazard... air cooled reflectors keep temps lower... venting properly will expel the heat... and the tent is non flammable if you go with a solid name brand... so no, its not a fire hazard... but like anything, you need to make sure your going to do it right or your going to have issues
  5. It's a double closet so I was thinking that if both doors are open I could suck air in from one side and pump the hot air out the other. If I go with an air cooled light would I still need to have air pumped in from another vent not connected to the light? I'm a little confused how the ventilation would work.
  6. And this is the tent I'm looking at right now [ame=] Hydroponic Grow Tent 36x20x62 inch Dark Room: Home & Garden[/ame]
  7. honestly... unless your going to use CFL's or a bare bulb... i'd go with the 2.7x2.7x5 tent... fitting a air cooled reflector in a 2x2 is going to be super mega hard... any sort of research will show that...

    after some research this shows a 20 inch length... after you add the six inch ducting it needs six inches or more of bending room... even in a 2.7x2.7 its going to have to be angled to fit...

    hope this helps...
  8. Alright so if I got a 3x1.8x63 I should have enough length for the air cooled light if I understand what your saying. So for a tent that size would a 250w hps be okay? and could I avoid cutting a hole into the attic by pulling air from separate parts of a double closet and leaving both doors open? The only reason I want to put it in the closet is so I can close the door when people are over.
  9. 46 watts per foot, just shy of the 50 that people strive for

    Not a fan of your venting idea, try it and report back.....nothing to lose. Then you can cut a hole in the ceiling
  10. It's going to be a little before I can afford to buy the stuff, but I'll let you know how my ventilation idea works. If worse comes to worse I can always hide it in the basement :D

    Thanks for the information, It's really helped.
  11. Put it in the basement
  12. Just for the heads up - I picked up a tent off of amazon and I am regretting it. Yeah I spent only 100 bucks for a 4x4x6.5, but the thing has pinhole light leaks out the ass that I will be patching up tomorrow. Not to mention it's just overall cheap.

    Since I've become interested in growing, I was looking to get really cheap supplies; lights off of ebay (which I DO NOT recommend), cheap fans, a cheap tent, etc. The only cheap product I bought was the tent. I'm going with a 500 dollar lighting system and a 150 dollar 6 inch inline fan (which isn't THAT expensive, but it certainly isn't as bad as some of the other fans I was looking at). Why? Because I asked advice from a few different people, and ALL of them advised against getting cheap stuff.

    If this is a hobby you plan to keep up with, it might benefit you to spend the extra money now for supplies that can last you at least a couple of years, vs the ones that will last you six months. Next go around I will definitely be purchasing a new tent. And it's not going to be a cheap POS off of amazon that has 800 pin hole leaks.
  13. i have ran 300 watts (2 150 watt hps's) in a 2x2 tent successfully many times. i have a 4 inch can fan that i use as a intake, then i just leave the top of the zipper open a little bit and the tent is so small that the air is forced out from the intake acting as the exhaust. you might need to open the door the tent is in once in awhile to avoid heat build up in the actual room the tent is in or crack a window open just a inch and you should be fine. ive done this with 300 in a 2x2 and 600 in a 2x4 and never even started to have a issue temps in the tent stay right at 80
  14. i also had the same pin hole problems as risky business, but another problem with the tent from amazon your looking at, is it doesnt look like it has sock ports where you run your ventilation and cords. which means to keep your tent light proof in the dark period your going to have to put a shit load of aluminum tape around the vent holes your using. the better tents like secret jardin, or growlabs will have extra material around the vent holes with a draw string you can sinch tight to the cords and ventilation tubing making your tent light proof, which we all know is one of the most important things. spend a little more money on your tent and i guarantee you'll be glad you did in the long run
  15. the one i posted has sock ports and is way better than the one they show in the pics
  16. my bad i didnt even look at the one you posted, i was just commenting on the op's posted ad. thats weird though, that they would say in the ad that it has velcro openings and picture the same thing because for me anyways seeing that velcro opening is a instant no purchase. i have one like the one pictured and its terrible. they sewed in the velcro making it even worse because theres pinholes where ever they stitched, in the pockets, vent holes, everywhere even the zippers leak light. you would think they would want to represent theyre product a little better.

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