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  1. I've decided to purchase a grow tent anyway... I have a bedroom I'm using as a grow room and currently I have 2 plants using the entire room for flowering. I also use a old walk in shower that was added on for a lady in a wheelchair, we bought the house about 15 years ago and don't use the shower for growing it's ideal! I wanted to add the tent into the bedroom for a 3rd grow area. What's some good brands of tents? I would like a larger size...the room is pretty large.. maybe 20 x 20

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  2. Maybe go with a 4x4 as tall as you'd like You could use the tent strictly for flower that away the Mylar really reflects that light around in the smaller area bumping up that watt per square foot in flower where it matters most. Or hell if you plan on adding a good bit more light down the road go with a 4x8 lol lots of room to work with could grow a ton of different strains in a perpetual grow harvesting every 3-4 weeks lol.
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  3. My first tent was a Secret Jardin. It was sturdy, and I made it work, but there were weird things I didn't like - like the vents were low on the sides, about 12" from the bottom. I want my vents high where they won't interfere with my grow footprint. My second tent was from MARS Hydro, and I have found it to be excellent. They are very well made, laid out as good as they get, and among the most cost effective on the market.
    Here's mine - a 2'3" X 2'3" X 5'3" tent. I've downsized my grows and specialize in single plant crops, but they make much larger sizes. Their largest is 9'wide, 4' deep and 7' tall. Give them a hard look, you won't be disappointed.

    Mars has a thread on here: Mars-Hydro LED Grow Light Family
    Smokesara runs the thread, she's very responsive and will answer any questions you may have about their products.
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  4. Vivosun/Apollo..Decent pricing and heavy duty fabric/ 3x3x6 was about $110.
    starting my 3rd grow with it and it still is a great tent (I am in it all the time too)
    Lts of different sized vents etc and METAL poles too at that price..STEAL THAT TENT..ala Abbie Hoffman..LOL
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