Grow Tents, can they be purchased?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Amber0279, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. I'm currently growing my first outdoor crop (which is amazing!) And I have the space to grow indoors as I am hooked on growing now lol, and was wondering where I can order "Grow tents" is it even possible to buy such a thing? with lights, fans and etc.? Or do I have to buy everything separate and make a tent? If they can be ordered online, where?
  2. Are you asking about tents or entire grow kits including tent/light/fan/filter? You can order a grow tent from anywhere.. grow kits however, are usually extremely overpriced. It's best to order a tent, light, fan/filter separately. Purchasing a fan/filter combo is fine tho.
  3. So yes I was looking for a kit, as I'm a beginner, this summer was my first outdoor grow, and love the process and I live in central Canada, so our outdoor grown season is from May to October, so that's why I would to try growing indoors.
  4. A few pics of my ladies 20170824_180516.jpg 20170824_180656.jpg 20170824_180244.jpg 20170824_180257.jpg
    These were taken last week, so they're even bigger now lol
  5. Type 'grow tent' into your browser buddy and you'll be sorted in no time

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  6. amazon has a stupid amount of grow tents and grow kits just enter grow tent on amazon and build from that.
  7. Suggest you take a list of what you want (maybe copy from HTG) and then buy your items direct from Amazon or Ebay..Less $$ and WAY better quality then the over priced kits..I MEAN BIGLY OVER PRICED KITS..;)
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  8. This is what I use, I put in many hours of research before purchasing trying to get the best quality for the lowest price, very happy with all of it.

    4" Powermaxx inline fan/filter combo (comes with speed controller and ducting) - $120 or so
    4x4 Apollo horticulture tent - $110-120(?)
    400w Apollo HID (with reflector, dimmable ballast, 1 mh bulb, 1 HPS bulb, timer) -$140(?)

    So about $400 total. Gotta decide if you prefer led or hid tho.

    If you mention your budget we could help you out more.
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  9. My budget is approximately $400 CAD (which is approximately what I spend on weed in a month)
  10. I heard LED is cheaper on the electric bill?
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  11. Id get 2 Meizhis then.

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  12. I'm looking for the thing to buy also... I've been looking around and from what I've found so far it would be cheaper for me to buy a tent kit instead of everything separate.
    Like here are some examples grow tent kit | eBay I'm trying keep it as close as I can to $300 any help would be appreciated.

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  13. Blurples like the MEIZHI suggested will not generally save you any electricity in achieving the same results as HID. You see, even though they call it a 300, it is really a 130 and even the description says it will replace 150W of HID. So 2 of them WILL use less electricity than a 400w HID but will not outperform it. If you want electricity savings with LED you have to get COBs and/or Quantum Boards...of course then, the price starts going up.
    Personally, living near the Canadian Border, the electricity savings even with COBS/Qbs would be minimal as I would have to add more heat to my grow 9+ months a year.

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