Grow tents and controling odor and noise level

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  1. I have searched here and elsewhere and not finding any info or reports from those who grow in closets in tents.

    Question 1. Those of you with a smallish tent say 4x4x6' or smaller how much noise does the fan make? If the door is closed and your standing a few feet away be it by the door or an opposing wall in the home can you hear it or does it sound something like the telltale sound from a ac floor register in the home?

    Question 2. The odor. If your running a carbon filter and open the closet can you smell it? With the door closed can you smell it after a few minutes? I know the door needs to be open unless there is a need to close it for air turnover.

    Question 3. Does the quality of the tent ( the thickness of the material like gorilla tents are thicker) affect the odor and will a thicker tent material prevent any odor wicking out?

    Question 4. I have looked at some air ionizers with filters like the Surround Air XJ-3000C and wonder if adding one near the exhaust of the tent or near the closet door would help eliminate any escaping odor?

    Im not trying to promote any product but it seems that Gorilla tents use thicker material than the others. It would sway me even more in that direction. A cabinet isn't an option. The Surround Air was a model I saw another grower use in a bedroom setup not tented. Said it helped a lot.

    Thanks for any info.
  2. 1. A little louder than a register. More like a box fan on low.
    2. No.
    3. Probably not. It is the density of the material rather than the thickness.
    4. Possibly, but probably not necessary. Can always be added later. I keep a lemon oil diffuser by my tent but have never set it up. Haven't needed to.
    Drying is clearly going to be an issue though unless you're using the tent for that as well. I have a 40x40x6' with a 6" carbon.

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