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Grow Tent

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Big_Jay, May 26, 2010.

  1. Yes, no matter what they say. CFL's dont compare to HID.

    I have a 240 plug I had installed for a dual 600 ballast. Now I just need the money for the ballast. :wave: rofl
  2. wouldnt grow more than 2 in those. they get real big when you give them room. my flower box is 30x 48 x 75 inches and i do 2 at a time and they have gone as high as 5 feet with very nice yields.
  3. i normally aim to veg the plants to about 10-12 inches tall as they triple in size. with room like that tho i can do 3 nice sized plants at a go.

    i miss having a decent stash of weed lol
  4. theres a uk website that sell 400w and 600w hps systems for 70 quid.

    Trade Hydro - Standard Grow Lights

    there really good for those in the uk needing good supplies.
  5. in my 1mx1mx1.8m tent i got a 600w hps temps are fine with decent ventilation a 250w isnt going to cover 1mx1m very well at all im sure 250w are rated at 50cm squared 400w are rated at 90cm and 600w rated at 120cm

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