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  1. Ok back to square one...picture this if you can...(I am going to learn to post photos from my tablet as soon as I figure this situation out.) If you are standing facing my grown tent door you see the 1000w reflector hood to the left is just duct work fastened to the hood and running to the outside of the tent and to the outside of the shed...then to the right of the reflector hood is the fan blowing air across the reflector to go to the left side as mentioned above...I also have the carbon fiter hooked to the right of the fan pulling the odor across the reflector and I am putting a 10,000 btu portable Haier air conditioner in the tent...I am 60 years old and my husband is 65 we are just overwhelmed that anything can be this hard...grew two plants outside last year but house next door has sold and have new real nosy neighbors...please advise in layman terms if this set up will work...tried last week but temp got up to 99 degrees in tent.
  2. If the shed is outside and that's where the grow room is setup then your room will depend on outside temperatures which is NOT ideal. You are going to need a big inline fan for that 1000 watt bulb, you need an 8" inline fan, at least 6" in but 8 would be better. Otherwise ditch the HID system and run LED lights. More expensive but less hassle
  3. I have the bulb in a air cooled reflector, does that matter...I bought this set up in a kit and it arrived with a bunch of separate boxes and no instructions for the set up so looking online has overwhelmed us but I have fell in love with this site because of all the info in one place
  4. No basement?

    Run your filter separate from your light like this: Outdoor air > fan > light > outdoor air. That way you run no risk of odor escaping through tiny leaks in the hood. Get another fan for your filter.

    Your air conditioner will run more efficiently if you remove that heat before it even gets into the grow area. Run your light cycle at night when it's cooler, obviously.

    If you run the air conditioner you can slow down your exhaust fan with a speed controller, extending the life of your filter.

    Growing in an outdoor shed presents a lot of challenges, but it can be done. There isn't a structure anywhere on this planet that cannot be properly ventilated, but it requires a lot of research and trial and error on your part.
  5. Looks like the same problem that I was having. I have a 4x4x8 tent in my apartment bedroom with 1000w HPS. and exact setup as you. My solution was an air conditioner. Not just any air conditioner. Did a lot of research and found this on EBAY for about $350. Active Air Portable Digital 14,000 BTU AC Air Conditioner w/ Remote | ACAN14-RB It has the dual ducting, not single like you have so it will extract the hot air that an air conditioner will create. So the fresh air line I had coming into my tent from the bottom was hooked into the intake on the air conditioner with my inline fan still hooked up and pushing it out the top. Now the exhaust line coming out of the air conditioner was Y'ed into the exhaust coming out of the light and out my window. So in my window I have only one in and one out. Now the temps here in Colorado are still kinda mild so I set the air conditioner to 80 degrees And it rarely comes on, and I run my lights during the day. Hope this helps. By the way, I'm not much younger then you.
  6. Air cons are pricey to run if you can't keep the temps within reason .
    How big is your air cooled hood? A 5" rvk L1 cools my 600w nicely but iv got a 5"tt hooked up as well so no heat at all leaves the tube.
    A 6"rvk L1 should keep the heat from hood down well. The pre made kits are usually not very good at doing the job as you usually get a chap fan

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