grow tent vs. led light vs carbon filter(s)

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  1. I found a great grow tent on sale that's 36 x 36 x 72".

    I was thinking of adding this light to it, with the expectation of growing 3 plants:

    (If the link doesn't work, it's a 450 watt LED light).

    Since i'm a total noob, these are my questions:

    1) Will 72" provide enough space between LED and Cannabis? (I've read it's best to keep LED light 18"-24" from plant I believe?

    2) They say LED lights are cooler, but how much does heat fluctuate in a closed grow room? I'm asking because I see the desired temps, I'm hoping to keep grow in a discrete location where temp of room insn't controlled too well. That is - it's warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter. I'm hoping that keeping the tent closed can help with the fluctuating temps.

    3) When I grow in winter, it can be challenging to vent outside. Has anyone tried having carbon filter on intake AND outtake, and have it exhaust in room? Would that prevent odors throughout home? I plan to have door shut to room at all time.

  2. 1. That light won't be enough for 3 plants would need 1 light per plant it's actual wattage won't be 410. (Get a better light)

    2. The distance is fine.

    3. Sure man just vent to another room..leave one vent open at bottom of tent for the carbon filter exhaust to suck in and create negative pressure.
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  3. Hps baby you gotta cook it in the sun sativas i prefer the extra heat

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