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  1. Hey everybody,
    I recently acquired a large 30'x40' metal building. I was told I could set up a grow however I wanted inside. This building is in a field in Oklahoma where temps can get up to 100 degrees during the summer. My question is should I put large grow tent setup inside the space with portable heating/cooling units to regulate plant temp etc, or frame out specific rooms and try installing more like central heat/air? If I did the grow tents, of course I would use the proper lighting, ventilation, CO2 etc. The heating/cooling unit I'm looking at would vent either to the outside, or to the air space inside the building itself. If I setup rooms, I'd have to frame and sheet rock them, install ducting etc to provide the heating/cooling. I'm just not sure if the tent idea would work and be more cost efficient. I don't have a huge budget, but think I could pull it off with the tents if controlling the temp would work. I think framing out rooms could be costly. Thoughts???
  2. How big of a grow do you plan on?

  3. I've looked at getting (2) 10x20 grow tents, which could hold about 30 plants each.
  4. You dont run ventilation with a co2 set up when its putting out co2. You must be able to completly control your environment which is going to be hard in a building that size and that hot. You will need to insulate.

    Cooling units have to be vented to the outside. So do furnaces, anything over a space heater pretty much.
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  5. With tents.....they are MUCH more temporary....and mobile....... If you decide you want to move the tents or quit growing all together.....just break em down and you have your "empty" building frame out and then build the rooms in there....well.....then you'll have those rooms in there......LOL
  6. The unit I'm looking at will do both heat and a/c, and yes I can vent it to the outside. The units would sit outside of the tent, blowing air into the tent and venting to the outside. The only air not controlled would be that inside the building itself. Are you thinking the hot air in the building would be too great to run these tents, even with 14000 BTU pumping into them? The space is only 200 square foot and these units can heat/cool up to 500 square foot.
  7. Thats what I was thinking too, thinking it could cost much more to section off 2-3 large rooms and try providing heat/air to them....also there is already lighting in the building, which would have to be modified for grow lights etc. I just didn't know costwise if the tents would be better or rooms. I'm leaning more towards the tents though.
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