Grow tent vent ports and light leaks question.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by fullpampers, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. So I'm set-up for my first grow.

    I have a 2x4x5 tent with a 4in fan and carbon filter. With a fan regulator set to low.

    For a passive intake I used 2x90 degree angle 3in pvc pipes with a black cloth as to prevent light from leaking in the tent during dark time, and to act as a filter for dust and crap.

    The tent is sucking itself in a lot. So I opened the two rectangle lower vent ports with mesh screens. The tent pressure(?) seems better.

    but what about dark times? If I leave the ports opened will there be light leaking in the tent? because I can clearly see the light coming out of the tent from the ports and a little for the front window in between the velcro if I'm in the right angle.

    I'm germinating my seeds either today or during the weekend and lights will be on for 24h at first, but I just want to make sure before I switch to 18-6 light cycle

  2. I would try covering the screens with a black cloth that will still let air pass through..similar to the one on the ventilation you were referring to

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  3. thanks I thought of that and I'll give it a shot.

    I just figured I'd ask in case it was meant to be like this and it didn't let any light through
  4. I used one of those cheap automobile mylar window protectors and made a little tent over the ok..No light!
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  5. Hell yeah man! Can't beat a DIY cheap remedy

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  6. yo just make sure the lights outside the tent are low and go inside the tent close it and see if dark.. tbh ive never kept 100% darkness and never had a problem... u know u got stars and moon outdoors and at summertime ur nowhere near 100% darkness so ur all good matey unless u go lights off on daytime which ive never done. ps my tent is in my bedroom. dont worry bout light leaks so much bro its cool

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  7. I'll have a look during the night to see how much light comes through the window. The window is under my balcony, but there are street lights outside, so maybe it's not that bad.

    I'll try put every chance on my side, and stick a couple layers of black cloth on the ports just in case, and do the automobile mylar tent if all else fails.

    thanks. this is my first grow, I'm trying not to fuck up too bad!
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  8. hey bro hows ur grow goin?

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  9. The tent SHOULD suck itself in a bit if you want your carbon filter to work..negative pressure will keep the smells from leaking out.

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  10. The grow is going slow and steady.

    Had a little light burn problem and I am starting to tackle the gnats tonight with neem oil spray.

    I opened both ports and it seems like it's okay, it looks dark enough when the lights come off.

    I started a journal so I dont have to start a new thread for every question I have (2x4x5 no-till LED. First grow)


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