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  1. Hey GC,
    I'm working on my compiling my first grow tent setup and will be purchasing the items soon, I'm looking to get some second opinions on what to get.

    /Grow tent $160
    High Tech Garden Supply
    /Lights- Theres a few options I'm considering, Input would be greatly appreciated.
    //HTG Supply 400w HPS&MH Grow Light (
    options added would be an EasyCool6 reflector (+81), GrowBright 400W HPS Bulb (+4), GrowBright MH conversion bulb, Dual outlet mechanical timer ($0) – Total $250
    //My own light setup, not pre-sorted $365 w/o shipping ($400 with)
    ///Reflector: Xtrasun 6” air coolable $90
    Xtrasun 6" White Reflector - Air Coolable - - Hydroponics Headquarters!
    ///Ballast: Lumatek 400w $180 (I hear good things about Phantom ballasts too? They're the same price.)
    Lumatek 600W 120/240v HPS/MH E-Ballast - - Hydroponics Headquarters!
    ///HPS bulb: HTG Supply 600w $40
    High Tech Garden Supply
    ///MH conversion bulb: GrowBright 600w $55
    High Tech Garden Supply
    ///1/8th rope ratchet light hangers $16
    1/8" Rope Ratchet Light Hangers - 2 Pack - - Hydroponics Headquarters!
    //2x 6” flexible ducting 8ft $18 ($9/each)
    High Tech Garden Supply
    //3x 6” Inline Duct Fan $75 ($25/each) One setup as an intake pulling air from the room into the tent, another setup as pulling air out of the grow tent, and lastly the exhaust for the light (attached with its own ducting, pulling air through the light system only)
    High Tech Garden Supply
    //6” GrowBright clip-on fan $20
    High Tech Garden Supply

    Would the ventilation setup be very loud? The quieter the better…
    Instead of getting 3x 6” inline duct fans, would it be better to just invest in one 6” vortex fan and run an intake and exhaust through the light itself and setup a few fans within the tent?
    Do you think I will need to run a portable AC to keep my temps down? The winter will be here soon, so I was thinking if temps get a little high I could always pull some cold air from outside through the light setup to cool things down a bit. I do not mean directly pull it from outside, but for example I could possibly setup a window fan to blow cold air towards the intake.
    Does it really matter which bulbs I use for HPS and MH conversion? (ex. brand names vs. generic?)
  2. you forgot a carbon filter
  3. I didn't forget about it. I'm curious to see how bad it will smell without one.

    If I do need one, I will most likely make a carbon filter myself from the DIY thread here on GC.

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