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  1. So I want to get a grow tent setup going but I only want to spend about 700 bucks. I want to be able to grow from seedlings to flower in it. The bigger the better. I've seen the ipower 600w and 1000w lights and was thinking about using that brand for the lights. My ultimate question would be How would you build it?
    Im going to be using the 5 gallon dwc bubble method.

  2. I'm confused. Are you wanted to build a tent or buy one? And how big do you want it, or more importantly, how big can it be?
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    I will give you a quick run down of what you are going to need.
    This is what I got and how much I payed for it.
    Apollo 600w ballast kit (bulb/reflector/ballast/)      $170 - ebay
    6'' 440CFM Fan                                                    $ 70  - ebay
    Tent, 2x4x5                                                            $ 80 -  ebay
    6'' Carbon Filter                                                    $ 65 -  ebay
    Total.........................................................             $385
    That is pretty much exactly what you need to get started to grow.
    With your budge you should be able to get started.
    3 not listen to these people
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    So if you plan on vegging and flowering in the same tent, do you plan on making clones or starting a crop behind it or are you going to veg, flower...then repeat?
    You will need different bulbs to veg and different bulbs to flower. You will need nutes, dirt, seeds (expensive if you want good ones that you know are going to be female) and thermometers to check temperature and humidity in the room. You will need your inline fans as well as oscillating fans for airflow in the room. Pots are cheap, but you will need 2-3 different sizes for transplanting them. You will need ways to check the PH and even the PPM of your nutes. You are going to need a lot of small misc. stuff to get going and you will always find that you want or need new stuff or better stuff to do this.
    Are you trying to set up a perpetual or are you going to do one crop and call it quits?
    and btw I know now why the old people that used to be here are no longer here. Every section has micro grow help threads and instead of looking through the 50 new ones that were posted and replied to today, everyone feels the need to make new ones. Are you guys high or just lazy...or both?
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  6. Also if you are going to buy "grow kits" just realize you are getting the cheapest of cheap when it comes to quality equipment. You are better off purchasing stuff separate and getting stuff that is of quality and that will last. $40 dollar bulb or $100 dollar bulb...most people will go with the $40 dollar bulb and wonder why their plants look like shit lol
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    Ignorant person... Wow. Please do not post anything like that again. You are only making these worse.
    I tried to help this guy and you tell him my input was useless, I been growing since last year just because I don't post on these forums does not disclose my knowledge.
    Also do not trash the OPs thread with your ramble.
    What I posted was the bar minimum of the expensiveness stuff you need.
    I in total came close to that $700 budge with the nutes, ebb and flow table, inline muffler, transformer fan controller and all the little daily buys.
    By telling this guy he needs to buy 4 things is not helping next time YOU DO US A FAVOR and don't reply to a topic you have no experience with
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    Again you are rambling, and you did not pay attention to his question also not even knowing my experience.
    Instead of trying to pick a fight with people on the internet do something productive.
    There is a reason why I have 5 point count and 3 of them are in this thread, its because people like you exist.
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    [quote name="TSoaDK" post="19448461" timestamp="1391287805"]By telling this guy he needs to buy 4 things is not helping next time YOU DO US A FAVOR and don't reply to a topic you have no experience with[/quote]Just wondering why you blast someone instead of just adding more detail. Maybe you could have helped two people.There is a chemtrail in my underwear!May good buds be with you!
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    I was gonna go with one of them cheap tents but I went with a megawatt tent. Im happy I didn't go with a cheap one because ive read post where the stitch rips Sent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  12. Im actually thinking about getting the Agromax 4x8 Grow tent. Will the 600w hps be sufficient in that size of a tent? Just figuring out what type of ventilation for it. I live in the desert so i need to be able to keep it cool
  13. I think a 4x4 will be better for the 600w hps
  14. Yea 4x8 would have 2 1000s or you could do 2 600s.. a 4x4 is good for a 600 but a 1000 is better. I run a 1000 in my tent and thats a 4.5x4.5Sent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  15. Neon in your 4x4 with a 1000 how many plants and your average dried weight if you don't mind

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