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  1. Started my grow not too long ago. I have five 23watt 2700K with 1600 lumens each for my lights including three 13 watt CFLs. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413671229.842244.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413671248.858471.jpg

    I have three plants going right now which are just bag seeds. The one on the right I believe is a female and the other two haven't showed their sex yet. The temperature is sitting at a steady 85F. I would like to know what I could do to improve my grow. I just ordered ocean forest fox farm soil that I was planning on using for my next grow. I'm using miracle grow potting soil for these plants now bc it was the only stuff I had. What lights could I upgrade to that won't cost be more than $150 and what fans could I use to make this grow tent a little more stealthier.

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  2. hey man the only thing i would say to add to your grow is either throw in some cool whites as well to hit both spectrums warm is great for flowering but having both spectrums does add as well ur tent is a little hot not to bad tho tbey seem to be fine a little bit heat stressed abd light stressed ... for your next grow try topping to encourge lower nide growth that way you will get more colas and thus more heavy buds also cant tell but if that soil doesnt have some type of perlite or a substate for perlight your just gunna chole your roots and they cant grow trust me from personal experence abd get the right soil

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  3. Better lights that will cost more than $150 unless you find a good deal used and stop using miricle grow anything.  100W per plant min.  No offence but those little lights are not even worth your time.  Get some real shit and have a nice grow.  My opinion.
  4. Should I look into getting the tf light fixture? I would love to have 5-6 plants growing

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  5. If you mean like a t5 or t8 or something than yes. That is an inexpensive start.  I use those to veg but perfer hps for flowering.  A tad more on the cost but you save it all when you dont have to pay for bud.  If you get a 4 or 6 light hood than that would be good for a plant or two.  I have two fixtures(hoods, as I call them) one with 4 lights and one with 6 lights in a 4x4x8 tent that I use to veg three plants.
  6. I would love to be growing at least 4 plants at a time. Does anyone know exactly what light fixture I could use for both begging and flowering without having to change my lights?

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  7. I bought 4 4-foot t8 tubes and a fixture for around $80 at lowes for my first light setup. That thing handled business until it wasn't enough. I ended up with 18 plants and so they quickly outgrew the fluorescents. 4 should be good though.

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  8. Sweet. My grow tent is only 3x2x3. So I'd like to go with the t5 light fixtures I've seen on Amazon. My question is, is it possible to have only four lights in the fixture and finish a whole grow without switching lights out for vegging and flowering.

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  9. Please don't waste money on t8s they're worthless if you want a halfway decent sized yield.

    Get on amazon or eBay. Find one of them cheap mh/HPS switchable ballast setups.

    Trust me, that's your best option for a decent harvest.
  10. With a small amount of plants and some lst, you should be alright.

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  11. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413812554.052154.jpg

    Would it be worth buying this? And would it allow me to grow at least 4 plants?

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  12. That is exactly what I was using up until yesterday. I think I paid $105 for it. That shit kicks ass. I bought some extra timers from harbor freight just in case the one they have me fails, but it's been going for about 2 months now. Only reason why I don't use the ballast anymore (I still use everything else simply because of the plug 'n' play ease) is because I switched to 1000-watt. 400 just isn't enough for 18 plants. I don't think 1000-watts will be enough either, but once I pull the males it should be good.

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  13. Actually, I switched out the hood too. 1000-watt MH bulb wouldn't fit in that small of a hood. I'm now using a 42' parabolic hood with the MH mounted vertically. It's bright as hell in the grow room now.

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  14. That would not be a bad set up.  Going to have to be pretty small plants in that size grow tent.  Each plant I am used to is about 4x4x6 or a tad bigger.  If you just go right into 12/12 right after sprouting then you may be able to squeeze in four plants.  Keep in mind your tent is only three feet tall and the light needs about a foot to hang so your plants can only be about a foot and a half tall or shorter.
  15. I saw this guy on the Tube do a 2 plant Scrog with T5's 6tubes x4' long dry weight at harvest was over 150G. Honestly if you're trying to keep the price down and stay stealthy then t5 is the way to go. If you don't really have a care in the world a 600w hid and a 4" tent is the way to go looking at $400 complete with 6" exhaust fan

    Running hot in there right now I would definitely add a fan and a exhaust fan to keep Temps and air fresh

    Also get soom 6500k up in there to get that blue spectrum vegging plants need
  16. I'm not looking to grow the biggest plants. If I could keep them small I'll like to have at least 3 growing in my tent. I'm excited to get my ocean forest though. I think there's going to be a dramatic change once I start using the right soil.

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  17. You see id like to go with a t5, but I'm not too educated enough to know if those are just meant for vegging. That's why I was thinking about going to the Apollo hps and mh so I just have to switch out one bulb when going to flowering.

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    You can flower with T5 just need to do a bulb swap.
    The HPS/MH will cost you more in electricity, and could cause heat issues depending on the size of your grow space. But they will produce more/better quality buds.
  19. Well now I'm looking at getting the 400 watt Apollo hps/mh cooled light. My grow tent was small but if I can get an inline fan hooked up to it I think I'd be in good shape. Does anyone have experience with how well an inline fan can cool a small grow room with a light that puts of quiet a bit of heat?

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  20. If you get a HID get an air cooled hood but you will always run into heat issues keeping the canopy tops so close to the light. From the sound of your space and budget and stealth requirements T5 is the way to go.
    All you need is a T5 fixture to fit your space best veg with the cool whites and flower with the 2500k a small fan for inside the box to keep the air circulated and a pc fan rigged up as a exhaust fan and you'll still be coming up cheaper buying and running it

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